[GUIDE] How to change your engine oil.

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Apr 30, 2013
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Milk's guide on changing engine oil!
Has your engine oil light turned on? Don't know what to do! Let me help you!
You must visit the Palomino Creek Garage, located in Palomino under the car icon. If you pause and go to the map, you can pin-point the location comparing your map to mine:

Palomino Creek Garage
When arriving at the Palomino Creek Garage, walk up to the door (with the blue house icon).
When walking up to the door, you will notice something pop up on your screen, telling you the business information and to use /enter to enter into the building.

Type /enter to enter the business.
When entering the building, it'll look exactly as it does here:

Upon entering, you walk to walk up to the desk and use the command /buy.

Upon pressing enter, a dialogue box like the one below will pop up- showing you all of the things you can purchase at this business.

Select the 'Supreme Engine Oil' and click the button 'Buy'.
Once purchasing your engine oil, head towards the door and use the command /exit to leave the building.
Once you are outside, head towards the car and enter it, then use the command /bonnet.

After you open your bonnet, use the command /changeoil and your character will get out of the car.
When you are out of the vehicle, head towards the marker that'll be located in front of your vehicle, and use the command /changeoil again.
If you are unsure what the marker looks like, it should look like this.

(If the marker doesn't show up for you, push your car backwards a bit as the marker might be in the front of the car for you)
Once you have arrived at the marker, use the command /changeoil and there you have it- you have successfully changed your vehicles engine oil.

Easy as that!

Hopefully this helps you as a new player, it's a very easy process!
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding changing engine oil, feel free to PM me and i'l gladly help you through it!​


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Sep 28, 2011
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*cough cough* Mechanic Great guide which is nice, clear and simple. :thumbup:
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