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Jan 30, 2011
Basics of the guide

Welcome to RCRP! Welcome to the forums! Welcome to the community!

This guide is going to introduce you to the basics of the phpBB3 forums system with the model of the RC-RP forum. The guide is aimed to people who have no previous experience with forums.

Let's assume that you've already been on the server for a little while. So far you've been having great fun and you're already addicted to the server. However, you have many times encountered phrases such as "see you on the forums", "Check out the forums for more information" and so on. So, you wonder, what's the so so about the forums? Well, everything.

Our forum is the place where just as much fun is held as in game, and it also is a valuable extension to the experience of the server. This is a list of things you can do on the forum:

  • Read this and other guides and tutorials;
  • Receive information about the latest server related news;
  • Take part in auctions;
  • Join factions;
  • Socialize;
  • Request different sorts of administrative work done (complaints, refunds, unbans, etc.)
  • Much more!
However, in order to access most of the information mentioned above you'll have to register.

Image 1: Methods to register

Do you want to learn more about the forums? Then keep on reading!

Getting comfortable with the forums

At first look the forums may seem like a big, messy place, but after a couple of visits you'll get the grip of what, where and how.

As you can see, the main page of the forum is a long page consisted mainly of boxes with a blue field on their top, and other boxes within them. Each of the bigger boxes is called a section and the smaller ones are separate forums each, and the latter contain topics. In the blue field you can view the category of information displayed below [section name, number of topics created, number of posts created and a quick fact about the last post].

Image 2: Sections and forums

Image 3: Topics

Every section contains forums with similiar to each other's content, and every forum is unique. It is important to post what you'd like to in the proper forum in order to keep everything clean and tidy as it is - but we'll cover that later on.
Every section is either IC (In Character) or OOC (Out Of Character). In most of the cases there is a mark next to the section's name stating its type and those who don't have one are most likely OOC.

Remember that:
  • IC sections are IC at all times. Avoid posting OOC stuff in such, but if you do comment on a topic OOC-related things, make sure to post it between a pair of opening and closing brackets, like this:
    (( Random OOC stuff ))
  • OOC sections are consisted of OOC-related topics so make sure not to use the information providen there in-character as that would be considered metagaming.

Read and unread, locked and unlocked

So you've made a great progress so far, you're starting to get familiar with all that forum thingies. However, something pins down your interest: Those fancy red/blue circles in the left of each forum/topic's name. So what's that? Is it there only to make my life filled with colour?

Well, not exactly. Those colours indicate whether the forum/topic is read or not by you. That makes keeping track on stuff much easier, and also more fancy! But what if you didn't want all that bloody red? You simply mark the forums/topics read. There's a button for that on the bottom right of every forum, and also at the same place on the main page to mark all forums read. Here's where it is located to help you out:

In your progress of examination you'll also notice locked topics. The special about locked topics is that you can not further comment on them, but only preview them (unlike deleted topics which are permamently deleted, forever). You may easily recognize them by their padlock icon.

The guide is going to be updated further at a later date.​


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Oct 3, 2013
Re: Guide to the forums

Thanks for the quick guide. It is really rare system you thought.
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