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Complaints and Unban Appeals

1) Complaints

So you've seen someone breaking the rules, or you saw them hacking. Of course we would like to get rid of the rule breakers and punish them accordingly. In order to get those people punishments you need to create a complaint against them. I'll be showing you guys how to successfully create a complaint and explain to you a couple of tips you could use in your complaints. First of all, let's begin with the complaint form itself:

Your master account: Simple, what's your master account name?
Your character: The name of your character which got involved in the situation, the admin team needs to know this so they can know who who is in the screenshots or video.
Their name(s): The name(s) of the rule breakers, same reason as above.
Offense: The rule the rule breakers broke.
Re-count of situation/description: Description of the situation, you must explain what happened here.
Witnesses: Were there any witnesses? List their names here.
Evidence: Do you have any evidence, for example screenshots or video's
Additional information: Self-explanatory.
Other Comments: Self-explanatory.

Alright, before you are going to create a complaint against someone, you have to understand certain things about creating a complaint. If you are creating a complaint because someone OOC insulted you, then you first need to consider if those words really insult you in real life or not. Examples of words which will most likely will be not considered as an OOC insult is 'Fuck you', 'Get out of my face' or 'Shut up'. Yes, it's not really nice to say this, but it isn't really worth to create a complaint just for that, however when it comes to: 'Get cancer', 'Fuck your mom' or 'You piece of shit asshole, you may die'. Those are considered as heavily insults and the person will be most likely get banned for that.
When it comes to actual rule-breaking situation, you first need to find out if there was any admin present. If there was an admin present don't you think the admin would've punished the guy who possibly broke a rule? So if you are creating a complaint whilst an admin was on scene, your complaint will be most likely unsuccessful. Yes, sometimes there might be a couple of exceptions, for example if you think the admin wasn't aware of the whole situation or you think the admin made a wrong decision. If that's the case, then feel free to make a complaint against the player and discuss the situation in there.
Another think I would like to bring up if it is really necessary to create a complaint against the problem, maybe you can work it out on your own and talk about it. If you think someone broke a rule, just keep roleplaying with him and tell him at the end that he or she did something wrong. Just talk nicely with him and try to work it out, when you guys can't come to a conclusion then feel free to create a complaint and see the result of it.

Now let's talk about the evidence you got, you have to understand that without any evidence your complaint will be most likely unsuccessful. You need to have evidence before you can actually create a complaint. There are a couple of rules regarding evidence, a couple of rules are that you are disallowed to edit any of your screenshot or remove sounds from the video. Witnesses aren't really valid evidence because in most cases the witnesses are friends and we all know that friends help each other out with problems. Chat-logs isn't a good piece of evidence, because they can be easily edited and thus makes it an invalid evidence piece. However sometimes you can request an admin to check the logs, because the logs are the only piece of evidence which could help you out to get the rule-breaker punished, admins only check the logs when it comes to big complaints. It isn't allowed to let your friend post the evidence, you've to post everything in one piece. So if your friend has the evidence, make him send it to you so you can post it in your complaint. You are only allowed to edit your screenshots if you want to blur out your IP or to put an arrow towards the rule breaker. Video's may only be edited if you want to speed up the footage, slow down footage, blur out IPs or to put an arrow towards the rule breaker. You may not cut out pieces from the video, you have to post the full length of the video, removing a piece of the video where you broke a rule may result in a permanent ban IG and on the forums.

The only ones who are allowed to post in your complaint is the admin-team, the complainee and you. Unless someone has vital evidence which can help solve the complaint you are not allowed to post in anyone's complaint. If you would like to post your opinion, you have to ask an admin for permission to post in a complaint. If you are going to post in a complaint you are not allowed to reply on will result to a 3 day forum ban.

After you've posted your complaint, don't ever bump your complaint. You have to wait patiently until an administrator reviews it, they won't ignore your complaint or anything. Most of the times they will deal with all complaints in one time. You aren't allowed to contact an administrator to check your complaint, also contacting an admin after the outcome of the complaint isn't allowed.

2) Unban Appeals

Alright, let's move on to unban appeals. Most likely you have been banned from the server and you would like to return to the server, the only thing you can do is to create an unban appeal. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to create an unban appeal if you've been temporally banned or date banned, if you do it anyways the admin will just lock and archive your appeal without looking at it. Let's begin with the format first:

Master Account: Your master account name.
IG Name: The name of the banned character.
IG Level: The level of your banned character.
Admin who banned you: Who was the person who banned you? It can be either the forum name or the character's name.
Reason for ban: What was the reason for the ban?
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): Self-explanatory.
Admit to offense? (yes/no): Do you admit breaking the rules?
Other comments: Self-explanatory.

Just like complaints, there are a couple of rules you need to know before posting an unban appeal. Before you are going to create an unban appeal, you need to know the name of the admin and the reason why you got banned, if you've been banned whilst playing on the server, you will most likely know their name and the reason. However if you've been banned whilst you were offline, then you need to check the Ban List. Sometimes you won't see your name in the ban list, but you still can't play on the server. This means you are either date or temp banned, you are not allowed to make an unban appeal if you are temp/date banned. Sometimes it may occur that you've been banned in a range-ban, in this case you are allowed to create an unban appeal. Now you might wonder what's the difference between a date/perm/range and temp ban.

Permanently Ban: Self-explanatory, you've been permanently banned from the server, you are allowed to create an unban appeal.
Date Ban: You've been banned for a certain amount of days, you are not allowed to create an unban appeal.
Temporary Ban: You've been banned for a certain amount of minutes/hours, you are not allowed to create an unban appeal.
Range Ban: This ban will be used when someone starts ban evading, if you've been caught for ban evading then you are not allowed to create an unban appeal. If the ban has been placed on someone else and not you then you are allowed to create an unban appeal. (Try to re-join the server several times, because sometimes this message pops up for no reason.

Let's talk about the rules of posting an unban appeal, just like always you are not allowed to PM any admin regarding your unban appeal. You have to wait for an administrator to take a look at your appeal. Sometimes it may take days which is completely normal. You are not allowed to post in someone else’s unban appeal, you need to have permission from an administrator first. You aren't allowed to bump your unban appeal as well, if you do this anyways it might lower your chances to get unbanned.

If you are blaming the ban on someone else then you have to do the following thing:

A question to ask yourself:
Am I blaming the ban on my brother, mother, long distance relative, dog etc? (Anyone apart from yourself basically)
Then you must follow this special procedure:

If you are blaming the ban on someone you know then you must post (in the ban appeal) a picture of you and the alleged rule breaker with the rule breaker holding a sign up saying:

"I [...] on RCRP, not [insert your name here] and I'm sorry. Unban [insert your name here]."
..and you holding a sign up saying:
"I did not [...] on RCRP, it was my [brother/mum/dog etc] called [insert their name here] and I'm sorry."

If you don't want to post your picture on the forums, you can PM it to the administrator handling your appeal.​
I highly suggest you to read this topic for more information about unban appeals > viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26746 You need to name your topic to: [Name of the admin who banned you] Your_Name unban appeal.


Explain the whole story and not just the half
Respect the admin at all times and keep friendly.
Be patient and never bump your complaint/appeal.
Don't lie.
Apologies if you did something wrong.
Take a break before posting an unban appeal, read a couple of guides for a few days and post an unban appeal afterwards. It will increase your chances to get unbanned, because you've read a couple of guides and you thought about your wrong-doings.
Put a lot of effort in your complaint or unban appeal, when there is a lack of effort it will decrease your chances to get unbanned or the complaint from being successful.
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