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Mar 29, 2013
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Character Consistency

What does character consistency mean for RP?

Character consistency is one of the main features to becoming a good roleplayer, if you look at all of the good roleplayers that have come through this server over the years you will most likely notice that they all had a plan for their character and they stuck with it.
This means that if you attempt to join the State Police or the Fire Department but get denied and then go all gangster and join a street gang or a Mafia it will without a doubt look really bad.
Character consistency isn't a mandatory thing to do when you start off but once you have had a few months of roleplaying you want to sit back and look at what you want from your character.

Making your character
Alright, you want to get onto RCRP and start roleplaying but you don't have the slightest clue on what you want to roleplay yet. This is the part where you look into the specifics of roleplay and what your character is like.
This can mean that your character was a born leader and he/she has hopes to join a legal faction or if you are going to roleplay a gangster and frequently do drugs etc. It's nice to see people passively roleplaying so choosing small things about your character can benefit you a lot.

Ready to roleplay
Alright, so now you have your character all thought out and you are ready to join the server and get some roleplay done. Whilst roleplaying you need to remember your characters attributes so if you're roleplaying a "geek" he isn't going to stand up to a random person and pick a fight for no reason, if you're a hothead so to say you would get angry at small things but you need to remember to keep these things realistic so you're not going to end up killing someone over a small thing.
Most of this is just the basics, I'll get into character development in another guide.

Thank you for taking a look at my guide, I hope I helped some of you out!
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