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Jan 27, 2010
IG Faction

Well, one of our members once tried to make a guide on how to create a faction,
I think I speak for the whole server when I say it was a complete fail. I recently deleted the topic, but felt there might actually be some kind of a need for a topic about it. That's why I'm trying at this very moment, to actually make a thread that might help people.

Although I doubt it, I wish you a lot of fun whilst reading this. 8)

Step I: Getting experience

At this first point, we aren't even talking about a faction of your own yet. I strongly recommend you to join a faction or gang first, before you even think of attempting to create one on your own.

Now you might say: "But I was leader of [insert faction name here] on [insert server name here]-RP!", well, we honestly don't care a lot.
Each server has its own gangs and its own gang-system, so basically, gang systems can differ per server.

So join a gang or faction, according to what fits you the most, gain some experience and try to rank up. Maybe you'll like the existing gangs/factions so much, that you won't even have the urge anymore to create one of yourself.

Another reason to join a faction instead of making one yourself is preventing the server to have a lot of small useless gangs.
20 players / 2 is 10, 10/2 is 5, ..., for every gang there is made, there'll be a smaller and smaller amount of members available.

Step II: Getting a name

"But already have a name!" You probably don't. With getting a name, I mean getting known around the server. Getting your name known means that it'll be easier for you to gain members when you decide to put up a gang or faction. People like you, people trust you and therefor, people will want to be a part of whatever you create.

There are various ways to get known around here.

+ Be a great Roleplayer, make decent forum posts, help other players out, ...

- Be a twat, constantly post random stuff everywhere at the forum, get yourself ajailed all the time, scam, act like a retard in game, insult people OOC-ly, ...

You see, getting a good name isn't that hard, but once you get a bad name, it'll be a hell of a disaster to get rid of it.

Step III: A concept

Alright, so now we reached the moment where people like us, and we have some experience on how gangs and factions work on the server.
If you still want to proceed on making a gang, this is your chance.

What you need now is a concept. What do you actually want to roleplay as? A black gangster? An LSD-hobo? A mafioso? Or do you want to follow the legal path, and start your own repair shop, delivery company on bodyguard incorporation? The choice is yours, but there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

  • Do I have something in common in real life with this kind of faction? This might help quite a lot for having a good RP.
  • Isn't there anything else I would like to do? Once you start it, you should proceed it, not interrupt and delete, because after 3 days you found yourself to be tired of the RP.
  • Are there enough other players that are willing to do this kind of RP? If not failure is almost guaranteed. A player can live without a faction, but a faction can't live without players.
  • Is there already a faction like this? If yes, please go back to Step I, and read the last 2 sentences.

When you made up your mind, give the thing a name. When choosing a name you should keep in mind that other people have to be able to remember it and spell it correctly. The name already decides a big part of the image of the faction. Make it sound stupid and people will think it's stupid. Make it sound cool and people will want to know more about it.

Step IV: What are you looking like?

So you know what you're going to do. Search some skins that fit the job. A gang can't be recognized when the skins don't have anything in common. I foresee people to say: "But I have a cool modpack, it makes skins look similiar/to fit with eachother". My simple reply: no.

Most of the players can -not- be assed to install some random modpack, just because some unknown gang wants it.
Just make it simple, and chose some standard skins, that look fairly similar. Of course, you can install a modpack yourself, but just don't force other players to do it.

You don't need 20 different skins for one faction. 3-5 Will do the trick, and at least you can be sure that people will recognize you and your members.
Some examples of skins that can be used in combination with eachother to form a 'skinpack' for a faction:

Green Wiggers
Purple Wiggers
Yellow Hispanics
Moody Bikers
Skinhead Syndicate
The Granny Gang
Cheap Hookers Incorporated
Creative Carboard Syndicate

To see an almost complete list of skins, click here.
Big thanks to Weedarr.com, as they were the source of the images used in the examples above.

Step V: 'The hood' or an office?

Every faction preferably has some kind of a meeting spot. Official gangs can place up to 3 spawns wherever they want, but whilst you are reading this, you are far from this point. So you'll have to manage it on your own.

The HQ of an unofficial place is best located at an accessible place. If your members have to travel ten minutes every time they want to come, failure is near. Put it in an area with some houses near it.

Off course, you can claim a whole area to be yours (for example, a whole village) but it's still recommended to have a predefined address as your main HQ. Examples are a big house one of the members owns, a bar owned by a member, a backalley , ...

Just keep in mind, it has to fit with the faction. You don't put rich businessmen under a bridge, and you don't put a bunch of hobo's in a fancy office.

Step VI: They see me rolling...

What will you drive in? Chose a kind of ride that fits with your gang. Look for a fitting carcolor so people can recognize you even on a distance.
What color fits tho which skins? Look for the most common/striking color the skins have. You can check the colors of the names next to the skins in the spoiler of Step IV.

To chose some fitting cars, think stereotypic.

Bikers mainly drive bikes, some muscle cars. (Freeway, Clover, Buffalo, Phoenix)
Russians drive older but classy cars. (Admiral, Stretch)
Ghetto Mexicans drive older sloppier cars. (Oceanic, Hermes)
Negro gansters drive lowriders. (Savanna, Voodoo)

Get the feel? It's simple, but essential in my opinion. How RP is it to see a biker in a Washington? How RP is it to see a hobo in a Stretch? Right.

Step VII: An army isn't an army...

...when it doesn't have any soldiers. Get your skin right, get a fitting ride and go onto the virtual street. A keyword in this step is socializing. Try to talk to some players, preferably with the same skin. Having the same skin means that you're both in to the same kind of roleplay.

How NOT to do it:

- Hello
- Hi
- Want to be part of my gang?
- Eh..

- /pm 69 wanna join gang?
- PM from 69: fuck off

- /b cool skin
- /b thanks..
- /b I have the same one, let's start a gang!
- /b no

How to do it:

If you see someone is in deep shit, for example, an unfair gunfight, try to help him! He might be impressed by you trying to help a stranger. If you ask him later if he wants to band up, he just might say yes.

Organize a party, get virtually drunk and discuss your future dreams.

ONLY WHEN LEGAL: Go to the News Co. and /advert that you are looking for employees. I do NOT recommend this to illegal gangs, as it is not RP at all.

It doesn't depend on what kind of faction you are making, try to keep the noobs out. When you notice someone RP's for shit, don't just keep him because you want to raise your amount of members. In this case, noobs are parasites. They damage the image of the gang, which may result in getting tonloads of complaints.

And we all know what tonloads of complaints lead to.

Step VIII: The paperwork

Once you are sure you have some members already, it's time to write an application at the forums.
When it is legal, write it here (clicky), when it's illegal, write it here (clicky).

Make sure your application features these things:
  • A story, must have a decent length and most important, a good content. The story decides for a big part whether the people support you or not.
  • Your ranks. Most RCRP-gangs and factions are based around a 7-rank system.
  • Your preferred skins, to make sure other people won't 'steal' them.
  • Your preferred vehicles. This is mainly important for bigger legal factions in my opinion.
  • Where your headquarters/turf is.
  • A memberlist. To give you and your members a clear sight on the amount of members, and which ranks they have.
  • Any additional rules/tasks you want to share with your members.

The more serious you write your gang app, the more serious your gang will be taken. Provide it with a nice layout and some pictures to prevent people from falling asleep whilst reading it. Keep it fresh, and update it from time to time. You can update the story with things that happened IG, to keep the players informed about what happened when they were enjoying real life for a change.

For an example on how it should be done, click here.
For an example on how it shouldn't be done, click here.

Conclusion & Outro

Is that all? Hell no. Whilst keeping your gang alive, you'll stumble upon various problems, such as inactivity of members, lost of interest, not being able to win all gangwars, not being accepted by the community, etc.

What you'll do in these will depend on your common sense. If you know it's over, it's over. Don't try to deny it and make yourself look like a fool.

I can only hope that this guide has helped you in any way. This was only a brief introduction. Above all these steps there is one major thing that decides whether your gang will live or die: Roleplay. And there's no actual way to learn you how to roleplay via a forum. So I suggest you go In-Game straight away, explore the server, gain RP-skills and have fun, whether you decide to make a faction or not :D
Feb 7, 2010
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Jack Tanner
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Wow, really nice guide Joey, real nice. Hope this helps people to make better gang apps.
Maybe I make new alt and some gang? Hell no, I can't think of anything that makes sense :D

Btw, am I the only one that actually did read the entire guide? Every damn word, I really enjoyed reading it.

And Joey, bring MCMM back? please ;D


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Feb 19, 2010
IG Faction
100% gutta
LOL,Did I just read it all ?
OMFG,I did.

It impressed me,and I bet it will be helpful ( Only for one of those who REALLY are interested [ not nubiez0rs who are making some random gang formed by 5 people dm'ing the server ] )

Good job



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Feb 17, 2010
IG Faction
No offense but I'm wondering why the person who failed at starting a gang up every time, is making a guide :roll:


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Jul 23, 2010
Icy said:
No offense but I'm wondering why the person who failed at starting a gang up every time, is making a guide :roll:
No , Joey didn't failed . He got cheated , and the guys wich stole his MC failed. Look at the MC now , look at it before ;]
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