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Guess I am back!


Aug 12, 2013
hello people! summer started there is literally nothing to do in day time than sit in home watch netflix or go outside. I am on summer vacation which is 90 days (3months) I've decided to come back to RC-RP!, I was gone for like 3-4 months because my PC wouldn't work now that I've bought myself a new gaming laptop and gaming set I am so excited to come back and use them ENB and all kinds of good shit. I might not be as active as I used to be maximum 2 hours a day i'll be cop again :cop:. Hmu old friends :coolguns: and I might leave after summer as it is going to be my senior year I'll have to focus more on my studies too. Plus my goodie old friend Gambo is back sooo

So yeaaaah! Jay aka Lexroy is BACK!