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Dec 30, 2010
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Development OverviewFeature Name: GPS
Script Authors: TommyB, Alec
Documentation: TommyB
Special Thanks: kristo (GPS plugin), iAmir (per player gangzone library, path finding code)
Feature Implementation Version: RCRP 3.3

IntroductionThe GPS script has existed in some capacity for most of RCRP's life, but I always felt it was under utilized by most people and never reached its full potential. Over the last few weeks, I've been making various touch-ups to the server's GPS script to make it more feature rich and improve its functionality as well. Another new feature is also path finding, which will be detailed below.

GPSTo start things off, the GPS item has actually been removed! Don't fret though, anyone who owns a phone will have access to all GPS features. The GPS item was merged into the phone script since it's 2019 and every modern phone is built with GPS technology. I figured buying a separate item for this functionality was a bit overkill, so its been scrapped.

With that said, players may now access the GPS menu via two different methods. The first being through the /phone menu and the second being the /gps command itself. This is for those who desire quicker access to the menu. Once the GPS menu has opened, you'll be greeted with the following options:

Set Destination - This option brings up a list of important areas including jobs, banks and etc. Selecting a location on this list will route the player straight to the selected location. This list is designed to be handy to new players.

Navigate to Location - This option can be used to navigate to any house, business or building (townhalls, banks) based on user defined search terms. Simply enter part of a location's name and any property with a similar or matching name will be sent to you. The results can then be navigated to from the dialog.

View Opened Businesses - This option will display a list of all businesses on the server that have been marked as open for business by their staff via /bizzstate. Very helpful for players trying to find some casual RP.

View Points of Interest - This option can be seen as a slight extension to the Set Destination option. It contains a list of every static interior on the server that is marked to show up on the GPS. This includes locations such as the Hopi Cave, for example.

Navigate to Checkpoint - This option is useful for jobs which add checkpoints to the player's minimap. When a valid checkpoint is set, this option can be used to efficiently route you to your checkpoint's location.

Location SavingLocation saving is something that also existed in the current iteration of the GPS, but it was severely limited and frankly useless. I originally scrapped the feature entirely for this series of GPS updates, but later rewrote it.

The feature has been updated to allow any number of locations to be saved to a player's phone. Locations saved to phones must be placed in outdoors, since navigating to interiors is a bit of a pain to handle. These saved locations can be stored with any user desired name and and are permanently stored to the phone until its owner deletes them. As with all phone data, this data will persist when giving your phone to other players as well as storing it. The data is part of the phone. Neat.

Path FindingAlmost time to wrap things up! The final and arguably biggest new feature added to the GPS script is path finding! This means that any GPS route set will supply you with a constantly updating visual aid on your minimap. This path will frequently shift and change depending on where you are relative to your destination. Make a wrong turn? No problem, the path will re-route accordingly. Also, if you set a waypoint on your map through the in-game pause menu, a GPS route will automatically be calculated.

Here's an example of path finding where I'm navigating to the El Quebrados Hospital from a nearby gas station.

Path finding can also be seen in action in the video below, where I route to Silver Trading from my home and make a lot of intentional mistakes along the way.

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