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Good things come to a new start..


Dec 4, 2010

As the title says - good things come to an end. Well, my laptop of eight years was accidentally dropped towards the floor and now it won't detect the hard disk drive. I tried fixing the slots, but nothing seem to help. This laptop has played a huge role to my journey in GTA Multiplayer - both SA:MP and MTA:SA. Unfortunately, its journey ends today. But the thing is - I don't really want to leave the SA:MP community. Shit just happens unexpectedly in a weird time.
GTA Multiplayer Life

Before RC:RP, I used to be a regular player of MTA:SA race-DM/DD servers. race-DM is a type of gamemode that requires you to race to the Hunter (the GTA helicopter with rockets) in order to survive a map. You'll need to face the obstacles or else you'll fall to the water/ground or get blown up by the Hunter and fail the map. I started my addiction to this gamemode on 2009. On 2011, I co-founded an MTA server along with a group of friends from the server we used to play at. Twisted Gamers is now one of the most popular multi-gamemode servers around MTA, garnering 500+ players a day.

Red County Roleplay

It was November 2010 when I first discovered Red County Roleplay, although I have zero knowledge on roleplay that time, nor do I know that it's a roleplay server. I just think I found it cool and left it saved on my browser bookmarks. I tried to register within the next few months, but I kept failing the old in-game roleplay quiz. I've been reviewing the rules, but still getting a score of 13/15. I then discovered that the quiz answers are actually on Youtube, so I searched for them, watched a video, answered the quiz based on the video, and I finally got in. Yep, I cheated on the first (in-game) roleplay quiz. I still have no idea what is roleplay that time, but I just follow how other players do it, and react to their actions. I even used the classic "/do S/F?" system.

I think it's been only three days since I started playing when I first donated to the server for 1 GBP after getting my account verified. I remember I was in a computer shop inside a mall that time.

Criminal MindS, Parker Investments, and Hertz Co.

I have been a criminal during my first few months, in which I actually was not aware until I first applied for my first (official) faction - SAN News. Someone gave me a free vehicle (a Clover!), and offered Kevin Muntioas (KevinK) a ride to the PC Bay, joining him on reefer and robbed him. I have also been involved in Parker Associates (Jeff Parker, etc.). They took me to Fort Carson and was asked to deliver guns, in which I refused. Aside from that, I was also a security guard for David Austin's Dollar Street house, in which I fucked up during my first week. David Austin was meeting someone at Cabbie Co., but he was knocked down and I was not able to report the incident through /r, which triggered Amelia Scott (Braxton) and ordered me to go to the house. I arrived with my PCJ-600, made me explain why I failed to protect David, then ordered Lennchu Sch-something (Lennchu) to kill me. I evaded with my PCJ, jumped off the cliff, and lost her in Blueberry. I was hiding behind some crate when I called 911. After a few minutes, I got Sarah Bishop (Fleur) behind me. (911 calls track a caller's exact location that time, through a blue blip). She took me to a safe place and issued a BOLO on David, Amelia, and Lennchu.

I met Kristian Keegan (Kay-Kay) on his "blue-green clothes w/ cap" skin and his white Windsor, and told him about the activities around the Dollar St. house. We drove there and left his keys and gun with me. No one was there so I gave him his stuff back and drove back to Red County. That's where he convinced me to apply for SAN News, in which I did, but my character had a criminal record so he asked me to namechange, in which I did, to Rob Keegan as Kristian's brother.

SAN News

We roleplayed my arrival from LS International Airport, driving his black (Admiral?) with a SAN News reporter. But Kristian doubt that he has a brother so he took me to the abandoned shack (the drug point) from the dirt road, threatening to kill me, but explained our life (while being mentored about the Keegan family history using /b). Then I asked for a job and hired me to SAN News as a Local Reporter (Rank 2/7). I've met a lot of people during my SANews career, such as Phillip Wilkinson (Crazy Phil/Ink), Claude Dolcette (Limuz), Jamie Cook (Cook/Moondog), Fleur Fournier (+ Fleurette Fournier), Adrian Grant (Adrian), Mark Scot (Tom'BillyJo), Charles Neville (Zomane), Rosalie LaForge (Radi), etc. I was also Robby Wilkinson (Phil's cousin) and Robby Campbell during my tenure, rising the ranks until I reached "Network Boss" (Rank 7/7) that happened during the day of Phillip Wilkinson's "funeral".

Cabbie Co.

I applied with the name "Marcus Virtala" during the old Cabbie Co. Taxi roleplay was pretty organized during that time when Javier Cornejo (Ramiro) was leading Cabbie Co. with Adriana Montini (Akira). I managed to reach Helicopter Pilot (Rank 4/7) when Patrick Bauer was still leading the faction. I also had the name "Marcus Bauer", Patrick's brother, whilst in the faction.

Red County Information Office

I decided to help Jimmy Cranks (aka Smith) with the investment of the "Montgomery Liquor & Deli" business, a standard business in Montgomery that will go to the RCIO business. I managed to acquire the business from Jok3r, and a few weeks later, RCIO became official. The faction didn't last long though. The business used is now known today as "Silver Trading".


It was "Gian Delaney" when I first applied for Axiom, then namechanged to "Gian Scot" later when I got promoted to Apprentice (Rank 2/7). Axiom was the root cause of my no-lifing in RCRP, staying up until 2am just to get my interview with Tobias Rieper, plus the trainings with Zomane. I managed to reach Employee (Rank 3/7) during my Axiom career, in which Walter Scott (Mikhail_Resnov) was my recruitment batchmate.

Saints of Erin

SoE was my first official illegal faction in RCRP, which was led by Murphy Blackstone (Cook/Moondog). It took a while for me to practice Irish words and study its culture as Matt Delaney. I never got known around the faction, even though I visit The Full Jug quite often, until I quit as a Paddy (1/7).

The Barbarians Motorcycle Club

I used to be in an MC indeed. I was hired in the Barbarians MC as Matthew Mulholland by TommyB. I never really got active on my account, so I quit the faction as a Hangaround (1/7).

Red County Sheriff's Department 2011

It was RCSD that changed my RCRP career. As Marcus Bauer, the academy was taught by Anthony Kingston (RastaforI/Rasta), with Damian Westbrook (Neku), Robert Westbrook (Resnov), and a few others as part of RCSD Academy Batch #1. I had ride-alongs with Daniel Swofford (Tuned/Leroy) and Rycka. When I namechanged to "Francis Heston", I became part of the RCSD Administration Division as a Recruiter for the Recruitment Department, along with Alonzo Cicilia (Crazy Austin), Damian Lost (Chris), Damian Westbrook (Neku), and one guy I can't remember. I also created the ride-along application and related formats.

I managed to reach the rank of Acting Lieutenant (3/7) back when SGTs/LTs aren't considered 'supervisors'.

Helper and Helper Mod

Back in the old Jazz Club channel on Teamspeak, I was offered by Jazz to become a helper (when we still had /n). I actively performed my duties until the next week, when I was offered the Helper Moderator position.

Federal Bureau of Investigations 2011

As Special Agent K27, Stephanie Navarro (2/7), I managed to learn detailed and passive roleplay thanks to the leadership of Patrick Bauer and Michael Sutton (Michael/Gizmon/Marmaduke West).. although I never got the chance to participate in casefiles that time. Because of the RCSD rule that enforces their members to choose between SD and FBI, I had to choose RCSD because of my successful cop career.

Pest Elimination Co.

Secret things. Rule 28, mehn. Kudos to the McKenzie family, most especially Jazz, for the invitation.

Red County Sheriff's Department 2012

This chapter is probably the longest stay in a faction. I witnessed William Cambridge (Wang)'s leadership and it was really terrific, despite the strictness. With Francis Heston being reinstated as a Police Officer II, I managed to join some divisions during my career such as the Marine Servicing unit, Public Affairs Department, Licensing Department, and Recruitment and Training Department. I met BigD, Smajk, Tessa, Simon, Evans, Daniel Charles, Kemp, etc. as I progress in the department.

I remember the time during my first bulk promotion when Richard Hill (Smajk), Tessa, and I were promoted to Corporal, along with Lenny Woods (Liam)'s promotion to Commander, when Wang said "Corporals, on your feet!" and everyone was desynced.

When James Reed needed a district supervisor for Eastern District (Montgomery and Palomino Creek.. when it was still lag-less.), I applied for that position and was accepted. HOWEVER, because Tessa and I were OOC fucking around after a pursuit with someone, we got suspended and never received the district supervisor post.

After a month, I got interested in becoming a Commissioned Officer, so I applied for Sergeant, managed to get a recommendation from Commander Daniel Thompson (Simon) and Commander James Reed, and was interviewed and accepted by Chief of Police Simon Hill. After a few days, I was promoted to Sergeant II via bulks, then after another few days, I was promoted to Staff Sergeant by Commander James Reed, in which I also served as his assistant.. and was offered District Supervisor again, in which I accepted. I also became the Division Commander of Administrative Services Division thanks to Commander Dan Hart. On January 2013, I was inducted into the Command in Training scheme by Wang, allowing me to get promoted to Lieutenant I. Then Acting Lieutenant II after a few months.

As a LT, I got involved in the training of smurfs of Academy 66-70, like Edward Trueman, Cacksii, Adam Campbell (Hartigan), Alex Williamson (baileybayz), Fio Cole, Mark Scot (Tom'BillyJo), Logan Price (Kemp), etc. During this time, members created a name for me - "Mr. Lock and Archive", because of my habit of keeping the forums tidy and locking old threads in the PD forum.

Somewhen on April 2013, I've been OOC fucking around a lot of times, receiving a suspension like almost every week. It was 11am (no sleep) when I fucked around again, and got demoted to Senior Lead Officer by Commander Ross McCullosh (Mark Cambridge). Since I didn't sleep that time, I acted weird and left the department.

San Andreas Driving Vehicle Licensing Authority. Axiom. Elite Trucking. Corn Hauling Cunts.

After my resignation from the PD, I was offered positions in two factions - SADVLA and Axiom. However, Delerious /hire'd me to CHC first just before getting /hire'd into SADVLA.

However, Stephanie Navarro was hired to SADVLA instead. Test driving wasn't an easy task for me though. I remember Ace Lee (Kitten) being corrupt for giving away licenses, including the old EVOC and TVOC license, through DOOC. I managed to reach Supervisor (6/10) on SADVLA under Tommy Scot (ThePasst) and Katie Walker (DamianV).. just before ThePasst left the server and deleted his accounts. I was in the faction until it got descripted.

Francis Heston was hired to Axiom by John Hendersson (fidanym). I managed to reach Acting Supervisor (5/10) but lost interest and left (and fired at the same time).

I was only troll /hire'd by Christopher Paul (Christopher) on the ET part though.

Red County Police Department June 2013

One month after my resignation, I decided to reinstate and was offered Corporal, in which I accepted. I didn't join any divisions that time, but still managed to get promoted to Sergeant by Wang via bulks. When Wang got ousted and banned from the server, I started to lose interest in the department, and decided to just resign.

SANews Corporation

After my resignation, I decided to reinstate to SANews as Robby Wilkinson under Daisy Hill (Lennchu)'s leadership, and revived my old screen name "DJ You-Know". I've been active for a while, even at the time when Michael Travelli (ThePasst) took over SANews.

San Andreas Department of Corrections

Aside from SANews, I also decided to reinstate to DoC, in which I was a member during the 2011 DoC. Accepted by Alex Roosevelt (Bailey) and trained by Daniel Severide (Knight.), I managed to master roleplaying as a corrections officer, in which I had troubles RPing one before.


I managed to maintain my activity in SANews before February 13, 2014, where I was on vacation in some island in my country. When I got home, I noticed that my laptop was on and was really hot. The next day, the laptop would no longer turn on, possibly due to overheat. So I took it to the computer technician and got it repaired.. for three months.

During the repair, I decided to go on hiatus from RCRP for a while, removing my signature.

May-July 2014

During the last week of May 2014, I raised my activity once again on my SANews account. I also became an unofficial member of Axiom after talks with Anthony Bauer (Nino). It took a lot of time for me to practice roleplay again though.

June and July were no-life months for me. I spent 13+ hours a day in-game, usually from 4pm to 10am everyday. I managed to reach 13 hours on my /lastonline time, making myself a record for this year. I reached Executive (7/9) on SAN Network, Chief of Staff (7/10) on Axiom, and Sergeant (6/12) on DoC. I applied for the News Team and got accepted by BigD. I also applied for Helper and got accepted by Kemp. I managed to reach 215 assistances on my first nine days as a Helper, which placed me on the 4th place (overall for the month). From July 1 to June 9, I reached 150+ assistances as stated by Kemp. I gave three server tours, which all lasted for three hours. Alistair Crawford was the last person I gave a tour with. Also, I wrote two articles for the News Team, although only one got posted (Fourth of July article).

I achieved several roleplay accomplishments this month. I've been interacting with people in Montgomery Park - the Ancelotti Family and American Demons MC. I also extended my passive roleplay to all my characters; Robby Wilkinson, in which I roleplay as a hard-to-get person, managed to find a girlfriend named Lucy Summers (Bobalob), in which he met during her house party at Dillimore. Robby also managed to become a DJ for E: Local's Club Pulse; Stephanie Navarro suffered mental depression that affected her work with DoC, so she became a bisexual, dating a lesbian named Matilda Svensson (AMouldyLemon); while Valerie Curtis managed to move on from her past arguments with RCPD, clearing her "anti-social" status and hang out with Yuri Stanislav (Gamingalkaline), Raphael Perez (Yass), and Mason Hawkins (SlickSpencer) at the park. She's been hanging with the Ancelottis as well - giving advice to Dante Viggiani (Taratorcho) about courting Rosalie Martelli; and being assisted in catching a criminal "priest" named Robert Fakes (Fakes) with Paulie Rinzivillo (Nick99) and Angelo Collaneri (Headless).

Before my hard drive failed, my final roleplay occured on 5.15am with Lucy Summers and Terry Blackwood (cradboard).

Good Things Come To An End

The quote "Good things come to an end" was used during my roleplay with Anthony Bauer (Nino) about Francis' resignation from Axiom, and was supposed to be replaced by Valerie Curtis.

Before the laptop fell, my car stream was playing "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins, which is why I chose that song as my farewell jingle the jingle for this post.

Well I did cheat on the (in-game) roleplay quiz the first time but look at me now - I answered the Master Account application quiz alone, even on the 2011 quiz we were all forced to take. I managed to learn roleplay to the highest standard. I don't remember who but someone used to be called me as "one of the coolest roleplayers in the PD".

I don't really want to leave RCRP. It's my laptop that decided to give up. I downloaded my farewell song to my phone, which was playing while writing this post

My Thank List
Administrative Team

Alec - If you weren't the server owner, I'll still get auto-kicked every five minute. Thank you for the pingkick exemption script. Hopefully we can still connect via Teamspeak, Skype, and Facebook.

TommyB - I still remember you as a player with the "worst admin record" that became an administrator. You have served the community real good. Thank you for granting me to use Project WLS in RCRP, and letting me use two accounts at once.

BigD - You have greatly progressed in the community well. You have called me a lot of names, such as "sex pest" and "gogabite". I'm greatful for your trust in the News Team. Good luck!

Jetty - Were you the one who gave me the black premier with the plate "POLICE", or was it Lee Chan? We used to roleplay on 2011 but I don't remember what we're roleplaying. I know you're the oldest administrators in RCRP and I wish you the best of luck!

Ink - I probably wouldn't have faction leadership experience without you. You're one of the people who "raised" me in RCRP. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best of luck!

Kemp - Asking to join the department, huh. I honestly don't remember that but I know you've done a great job as a member of the High Command Team. Thank you for the trust you've given me as part of the Helper Team. I guess you regret denying my application during the first batch. ;) Best of luck with the Helper Team!

Doddsy - We used to roll a lot during the SAN Network-"that faction" partnership. I am greatful for your trust that you've given me as an Executive for SAN Network, and I wish you the best of luck with the faction.

Jake~ - I became a corrupt cop because of Ella Shaw. <3 Releasing her from jail in exchange for "something", huh. Best of luck, man!

Bauer - You Dutch. Well I enjoy our roleplay together even before you became an administrator. Thank you for taking cafe of Stephanie Navarro during the old FBI days. Oh, and fuck you for forgetting Marcus Bauer. Af.

Evans - From head of recruitment to Commissioner. You've done a really great job in the San Andreas State Police. Of course I remember your history as we rolled a lot during the old RCPD days. I raised you. Hur. I hope you continue with the improvement of the department and I wish you the best of luck!

Kay-Kay - I'll always remembed you as the one who "raised" me in RCRP and SANews. You have taught me a lot about roleplay and RCRP. Our family roleplay was awesome with Suki and Ashley Naine-Keegan. I still have the screenshot when you said "Sex is the KEY!" via /f chat, but was actually a wrong chat for /b. Sadly you left him dead. :( Thank you for everything and I wish you the best of luck in the admin team!

ThePasst - I laughed a lot when you failed on leaving the server by deleting your accounts. Well you did a great job on starting your accounts "from the bottom". Fuck you still for abusing the advert system by making a disgusting advert and using my name and number and making fun of it through DOOC. But still, we worked together in the High Command Team of the old SAN Network. We worked together in the FBI. We worked together in SADVLA. We worked together in the modern SANews. We worked together in Axiom. We worked together in DoC. You kept following me. : ( Best of luck, you Dutch!

Simon - Why do you keep teleporting me to Gant Bridge. D: Well I wouldn't really progress in the PD without you. I remember the time when you opened the doors of the PD by being the voice of the department, and it was awesome! Thank you for your trust and I wish you the best of luck!

Speakybutton - Why don't you forgive me for stealing the SAN Network Bullet. You also hated me for "blaming you" for changing the weather, when I was actually PMing every admins. : ( Well you taught me a lot about the Helper system - what to respond and what not to respond. Thank you for the time and I wish you the best of luck!

Jboi and Shmoogle - I always see you two rolling around even before you had admin. We had a little fun and I wish you two a best of luck!

Castorr - You're actually still in my ignore list, but fuck it. Fuck you. :3 You almost raped Stephanie ahuhu.

Limuz - Pi. Pi. Hur. Well to be honest, I was never really interested in your Rockability music. I guess it's never really my type of music. : ( I hope to see you back in SAN Network's Management Team. Best of luck!

Daniel Moritz - You may not be playing anymore, but I still thank you for the trust you have given me by assisting in the setup of your old events. Best of luck in life!

Jazz - Well, you're actually my first admin friend. You kept me calm during the 2011 RCSD. Thank you for giving me a chance to serve in the old Helper Team, and for the invitation in Pest Elimination. Best of luck with your pilot life!

Prince D - You're a dick. But still, thank you for "raising" me in RCRP. I had my first house and first business from you, for free. I really appreciate your generosity. See you!

Muys - Haaaaiii.

Rasta - I haven't seen you around for a long time. Keep your rasta-style floating and don't smoke too much weed.

Yass - I'm amazed with how you developed Charlie Garcia. We had our ups and downs in the RCSD/RCPD/SASP. Remember the "staring contest" with Francis Heston and Cristiana Cicilia? That was dope! I'm glad you moved on from your hatred against me when I kept disbanding GED because of low units. Good luck with Raphael Perez!

Cook/Casablancas - Thank you for teaching me with the basics of illegal roleplay, as well as Irish roleplay. I hope to see you around!

LemonPower - I remember when you were still a child in Aperture. How dare someone says "Shut up Lemonpower" via /d. Well you're still a troll to me. We still had a weird roleplay when Francis was staring at Samantha Young in the old Saint Lawrence Correctional Facility.. and actually developed until she became a LT. Good luck with SASP!

Robin - Gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

Michael/Gizmon - Welcome back to Red County Roleplay! I hope to see you back in the FBI soon. Good luck!

Bishop - The good old days was fun. It's not your fault when you broke the old RCPD forum. See you around!

Earl Williams - So much mapping.

Icewolf - No, I did not pop a boner when I got the number of your girl character.

Skypo - Haha.

Lorenzo, Brian - We had gooood times, especially our fail singing on Teamspeak during Lorenzo's birthday. Hur.

Karner - We had short times in the old Pest Elimination. Thank you for stealing my (and Derek Miller's) girl. Dick. :(

Bear - hu u?

SlickSpencer - Haha.

Kenshi - So why were you kicked for getting demoted anyway. C:

Jok3r and Eagle - You guys may not be around anymore, but I'd still thank you for everything. Good luck in life!

trollep/dodgey - I still admire your MS Paint skills. You also ruined the church's air condition with TommyB during the marriage of Francis Heston and Lauren LaForge. Ya' dick.

Cruzito Canderias - Thank you for the "best AFK reason" award. ;) Hope to see you around!

2Fabulous - 2Fag.

KevinK - You're one of the first few people I roleplayed with. I don't regret robbing you. Good luck with Elite Trucking!

Ian - Those roleplay scenarios were the best roleplay. Best of luck with Aperture!

Hopkins - You've been gone for three years yet I still remember you as the one taught me about the house system. Good luck in life, where ever you are now in the present.

Zoltan - I have learned a lot about American Law Enforcement from you. I hope to still see you around!

West. - I still hate Catherine Dexter for friendzoning Francis. See you around!

Milk - I'm not sure if you still hate me. But if so - peace!

Major_Mugel - You may not be around anymore, but I still appreciate your comment about my "detailed roleplay". Also, thank you for helping me around the Aperture days. See you around!

Christopher - Haha.

Skittles - Keep it high, mehn! See you!

Dr. Paine/Jed - Where arreee yooouuuuuu.

Fleur - I thought you were gonna lend me your laptops. : ( I hope to actually see you around the Philippines. Good luck in life!

Steve - I'm glad you always get gas stations to be refilled when I call you IC. Hope to see you soon!

Helper Team

Bobalob - Oh it's you. I really enjoyed roleplaying with you and I thank you for that. I'd also like to thank you for inviting me to become a DJ for Club Pulse. I wanted to improve my club DJ roleplay further but shit happened. Really - thank you for everything, mate! Good luck with the helper team, SASP, and E: Local and I hope to see you around!

PuDzeh - I really appreciate your feedback on Robby Wilkinson. I didn't change Wilkinson anymore because of you. Good luck and I hope we keep in touch on Facebook!

Emmerdale - Pleb.. whatever that means. I enjoyed that basketball roleplay. Good luck with SACFD! Oh, and fuck you for stealing my girlfriend.

Smajk - Good job on leading the RCPD Public Affairs Unit.. even though I kept shouting at you. Good luck with the SASP!

Daniel Charles - I wanted Shannon Styles. : ( I enjoyed our roleplays and I wish you the best of luck with SASP!

Chris - Haha.

Manu - PM me if "she" changed her picture again. ;)

DrTrollinksi - Haha.

cradboard - Crapboard. I guess you're happy now that I'm gone. Dick. Good luck with E: Local!

Canazboy - Making weather. HAHAHA. Good luck with SANews!

Joe - Fool. Saying "I'm afraid Lucy Summers was murdered IC'ly today." in IC chat. Good luck with FBI!

Jackson - No, I don't care if there's no period in the end. Good luck with SANews!

Headless - #TeamLoneHelpers

Sandman - You still haven't thanked me for putting you inside the isolation cells.

Jim, Peat, RayW - Good luck with the Helper Team, mate!

Desiner - You have done a great job in the FD! I enjoyed our roleplays together, especially when we were "attacked" to Las Venturas and thought we were "raped". I hope to still see you around!

Other playas'.

Tom'BillyJo - I really enjoyed our roleplay together. Thank you for giving me the throne to manage the "fail list". I still remember editing your rank name to "UberPedo" while you're making /news. C: Good luck with your RCRP life, mate!

Zomane - I hired you. :C

JP - For some reason, your Teamspeak interview recording is still on my external hard drive. Good luck in life!

Adrian - Haha. Commander Woods sends his regards!

Wang - I'd like to thank you for your trust in managing the PD forum. I'd really want to see you unbanned soon. Good luck, mate!

Braxton - I still don't get what "P.O.S.H." means.. Well we had good times, especially the Hertz days. Good luck in life!

Liam - So you used your first admin command on me? :C Wow okay. Thank you for "raising" me in the old RCPD. I really had no idea how that PD legacy worked but still you were there to help. I hope to see you around!

Jeff_Bolt - So you gave away your assets, huh. See you around!

Lindo - You're high. Well I really enjoyed our roleplay together and the fact that we metagamed our first meeting and getting married IC. Ew. I hope you enjoy your real life!

romdez - I know you enjoyed our "roadtrip" around Chilliad. You just can't admit it. You are one of the most dedicated members of SANews and I hope to see you advance in the faction.

SwaggerVille - Face it, you're the coolest assistant I've had in Axiom. I appreciate your dedication in Axiom and I hope to see you in the Management Team once you resolve your personal issues.

Knight. - Do you remember the time when we got banned together by TommyB for OOC fuckery? Aw. Thank you for the trust you've given me. Best of luck in DoC!

Hartigan - Ronald Whitefield. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I remember when Evans and I thought that your application was a troll. However you've done a great job in the department and I hope to see you in the Command Team soon.

Rosalie - I still hate you for getting that pingkick exemption that's supposed to be only mine. :( Good luck with that boombox!

AMouldyLemon - Don't hate me for getting a heart attack. :( Well I did enjoy our roleplay together in all my accounts.. until you began to steal Lucy from meh. D: I really admire your roleplay style and I wish you good luck!

TENxFOOTxM1DGETxxxxxx - I DONT CARE ABOUT HOW MANY X YOUR USERNAME HAS. You are one of the most active FD members in my timezone. Oh Canada. Good luck with the FD!

Tetris - y u friendzone francis. Well you have an amazing roleplay style. Good luck with Weapon Licensing Department!

Ashley Naine - I haven't seen you for two years already. :( I really enjoyed our couple roleplay. I hope we can still keep in touch somewhere!

Akira - You've been gone for two years already, but I will always remember you as the person who brought me to the old Cabbie Co. In exchange, I gave you a free RCSD ride-along.. with Yass. Hurhur.

Taratorcho - You may have a new suit, but now you need a high level, as based on Maria Pacheco's fact. ;) Good luck with Rosalie.

Scuba, ChrisRawr - #TeamDeadTimezone

DeLexia, Anie - I haven't seen you girls for a year now. But I hope you're all having fun in life!

Radi - Hello, sir. I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to co-lead the old SAN Network with you. It was a great experience to manage a faction. Good luck in life!

iGetty/JamieG - Hey iGetty. You may be banned from the community, but I'd still like to thank you for your donation spree last December 2011. I wouldn't become a Donator Level 4 without you. I hope you're doing good now. Hope we can still keep in touch!

Jack_Bauer - Fuck you for getting me banned and fired from the RCSD. :C Enjoy life, mate!

Leroy - I'll bring you a lizard the next time I see you. ;) Good luck with your server!

Crazy Austin - McDonalds! Well I'd like to thank you for the promotions in the old RCSD. I wouldn't really raise up the ranks without you. Good luck with your work, Mr. Austin!

Neku - Oh Neku. Your driving never improved when you stopped by the server days ago. So can still keep the title "worst driver in RCRP".

Resnov - Stahp stalking my Twitter account. D:

TempestFox - We almost.. :( Oh well. I hope you enjoy female roleplay and I wish you good luck in your SASP career!

Giuseppe Vallone, Major Umar - I haven't seen you guys for a long time now. I guess you guys gave up on SAMP after you closed down your server. Good luck in life!

Tessa - Why do you hate me. :( I'm still looking forward to listen to your tracks. Keep in touch. :3 Oh, and at least we still had fun when did OOC fuckery and we both got suspended. Hah! :(

Bailey - I swear you were high when you decided to fuck around and got you banned. :L We had fun in your private academy. Good luck in life!

Suki - The Keegan family clan. Hur. Good luck in life!

Lilly - You're such a whore. D: Well I wish you the best of luck with your character and your future son/daughter. Hah! ;)

iFalcon - We never had a chance to fawk. :( Enjoy life, mate!

Katashi - Hai. Well I know you kinda hate me, and I apologize for that. Peace, 'yo!

m99T - Thank you for defending us in that faction complaint. I thought I'm not going to take orders anymore. Good luck in Axiom!

Nino - Hello, Mister Nino. I apologize for Heston's inactivity. Well you already know why. And it seems that the resignation roleplay is actually final and no more hiring because of this. :/ Thank you for the trust you have given me to serve as an Executive. Good luck with Axiom and I hope you can still keep it breathing.

Thomasplaysgames123 - So how's your hacker? Well our short "couple" roleplay was still fun. Good luck in your SASP career!

Nesset - I'm glad you accepted your fault about the SP reinstatement thing. You also fell to the underworld of the SANews Las Payasadas office after your interview. Hur. Never got a chance to rep Ashley though. D: Good luck in your RCRP life!

Jerry1996, Robin_Alteris, Miranda_Kerr - Ah, the Alteris/Noord family. You guys were awesome back in 2011. Hope you guys are alright!

Jim_Cranks/Smith - Well, mate. I'd like to thank you for making me involved in Red County Information Office. The faction didn't last long but I know you still did a great job. See you soon!

Jane - My frequent patrol partner that Francis always ignore since Jane Edwards' Cadet days. <3

Daniel_Jericho - Rebecca Alonzo. LOL.

Other people that came to my RCRP life:
  • Hyper
  • Thever
  • K.Wilson
  • Mueller
  • Kellerman
  • Charcer
  • Icy
  • Tristan
  • Grove
  • Chilco
  • Handyman
  • Granty
  • x00
  • Awesomazing
  • Nick G
  • MiniMojo
  • MikeR
  • Copfan5
  • Codac
  • GageB
  • Yak
  • Stripes
  • Rocco Cirelli
  • Evolution
  • GMG123
  • carier
  • Cheesy
  • Gibbs.
  • Patrick Jackson
  • Luis-
  • Rich
  • KoMaR
  • Mhulek_Lau
  • Andrew Reid
  • Hypotermia
  • ERR0R
  • James Reeve
  • Braindawg
  • Roman_Keskov
  • Ammunation
  • Hayastanici
  • BenBiddulph
  • Itami
  • Uber Troll
  • Timothy
  • Psycadeliiic
  • Logic III
  • Fuse
  • codycg
  • Morenos
  • Victor OConnell
  • AshleyAcidix
  • Foster
  • Chris Jacobs
  • Atom
  • Digital
  • Medici
  • Duck (the old one)
  • Duck/Dimbo (okay ill be fair)
  • Waqqa
  • Caitlin OConnell
  • Tiger
  • Jonas Brooke
  • Xtreme
  • Newman.
  • Bradley Fox
  • iPaco
  • Kenth
  • Delerious
  • K.O
  • ROFL
  • Owen
  • Sai
  • Nate/Pandovix - Mila Keegan. </3
  • kbxr
  • Don_Vincent
  • J-R Parker
  • Bircher
  • Jeroen
  • Kyle
  • Mr. Kro
  • Escaper
  • Paul Rosco
  • Ferrero
  • Adam Carter
  • MrSuicideSheep
  • A.Brooks
  • Ben Jones
  • Thomas Green
  • Alistair Crawford
  • Terrence
  • fidanym
  • Justin Cunningham
  • Cacksii
  • DonutSeller
  • Booth
  • Weaver
  • Cha0s
  • Hayden
  • XxTeam48LowesXx
  • Lara Neymar
  • Damian
  • Saint
  • Roberts
  • Winterz
  • Micho
  • Leftover_Crack
  • Logfrog5
  • Gaber
  • Unknown
  • Crazy Andre
  • Gamingalkaline
  • AXE123
  • Kumode
  • Pax
  • Grafix
  • Dan117
  • Smally
  • Oxley
  • Puppy
  • IceTea
  • Lior/FireTruck
  • Cord
  • Maxx/Cesar Ruiz
  • ArkyStano
  • Igor
  • Alvar
  • Mikhail Izmailov
  • DrakeSobo
  • Jambo
  • Adin
  • Drew Walker
  • DamianV
  • HighPitchedVoice/Wazzup
  • Uncle-X
  • Calvin Elliot
  • David Caprice
  • Wolfcock
  • Adams
  • Mac
  • SamC
  • Weaver
  • Lars
  • DirtyTruth
  • xVladx
  • Daniel Macentire
  • David Austin
  • Frisker
  • FlyBoy
  • Mark Cambridge
  • Tetra
  • Mark_Fleur
  • The modern donator community
  • The players I have assisted
  • The newbies that I gave a server tour
  • ..and other people I could have missed on this..
But will you come back?

Well, as said earlier, I didn't want to leave in the first place. If I do get a new computer, I will come back. However, "a new computer" is impossible for me for the next two years, unless my long-time friends decide to give me one. So I don't think I'm coming back anytime soon.

However, I will continue to browse the forum and connect on Teamspeak using my phone.

Indeed I am. It was the hard disk drive that failed and not the laptop as a whole. Luckily I managed to find the hard drive of my mother's broken laptop and I'm surprised to see that it detected the drive. I'll just need to install everything and I'll be back within the next five days (July 16) now it's done.

So yes, I'm back. However, due to an upcoming typhoon, I'm going to be semi active for a few days. I don't know if power will go out so yeah.

After writing this 36,000+ character post, it's time for me to say - See you soon, Red County Roleplay. :wavebye:


Jul 10, 2012
Kungariket Sverige
Re: Good things come to an end

rip :(

wont be the same without you giga. No more stalking :S
oh and yes I remember when you /drag'd me on your sanchez trough the whole county untill Tommy banned us both (idk why he banned me, I was the victim D:) u bastard.


Sep 8, 2012
Re: Good things come to an end

You being here was a good thing? Lol.

Jokes Giga, it's sad to see you leave after being here for so long. And to clear things up, I never hated you. I'm just a huge fucking troll & a dickhead. But yeah, peace bro and good luck with whatever you do now d00d. :wavebye:


Jul 16, 2013
Re: Good things come to an end

what the fuck, there's more work in this one topic than my entire college/school life

but now who am i gonna argue with in /dooc????

enjoy life


Silver Member
Feb 13, 2013
Re: Good things come to an end

Sad to see you leave Mr. Giga. :wavecry:


Dec 29, 2013
Re: Good things come to an end

Giga said:
Thomasplaysgames123 - So how's your hacker? Well our short "couple" roleplay was still fun. Good luck in your SASP career!

Wanted to RP with you more, but you never turn PM's on, and ignored me IC'ly hue. <3
Sad to see you go anyhow, you were a good helper, and an even better person.


Feb 2, 2014
Deventer Overijssel, the Netherlands
Re: Good things come to an end

I'm 100% sure that we'll see that green name back in no time!

Though I personally think the Helper team is doing great :luvrcrp: , I always saw you as one of the better ones, I wish I could be that active at the forums as you. :thumbup:

Have a good one! :cap:


Retired Admin
Aug 22, 2012
Re: Good things come to an end

Aww maaaaaaaaaan. Noo, this sucks :/ You'll be missed mate!


Jan 25, 2011
Re: Good things come to an end

:( You stood out from all the other community members somehow. We had some good roleplay and shiz'. Will you come back.. ever?
Bye mate.