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Goldie Mack A Pimps Poetry


May 15, 2018
(IRL) Northern California (IG) Rodeo & Rockshore.
(Let me mind you that most of what im about to say is mostly real and its based on what happeded IRL on another server and on RCRP and this is just my characters story on how i became the person that i am today enjoy cause i dont really roleplay i just be myself and this links up to all the roleplay im doing on RC so kick enjoy it i mite start sending SSs on it later on)

The story of Goldie "Lock$" Mack


Full name: Goldie Mack.

Alias: Lock$/Slimey Mack.

Born: April 10th 1993

Race: Lousiana Creole mixed with African American. Native American. Spanish. & French.

Origins: Born in San Fierro moved to Los Santos at age 16 Then moved to Red County at age 25.

Occupation: Ex Blood Gang Member/Strip Club Manager/Pimp.

In the beginning there was darkness.


It all started when the baby mack was born into the world. In the San Fierro Medical Center Goldie grew up into a well income established parents, that was known thugs, but they turned life around to make a change for there new born baby. Especially his father, who was a tripple O.G from his neighborhood, who used to be a thug back in the 1970s. & 1980s. But slowed down after he married his soul made in 1992. Goldie grew into a perfect family and a perfect childhood then he met his cousin, Larry Mays. Who he & his family was close the most to anybody, and they grew up with eachother. Larry was funny charming with a good heart, but short tempered which runs in the family. Larry grew up in the worst part in San Fierro, and his parents was bearly around to take care of him, also the Macks family took him in and raised him like he was there own child. Then one day Larry's parents moved him to Los Santos. So he can live a better life than the slums in Juniper Hill. On Lincoln Avenue. So they moved him to East Los Santos. And by the age 18 he got murdered mysteriously, with his body washed up in the river in Back O Beyond.

Goldie grows up after death of his cousin.


Goldie, and his family was in shock that they found out Larry was murdered. Larry was well loved in his hometown, and in LS alot of people was grieving about his death, but the one why took it the most was Goldie, he was furious on why his favorite cousin was killed, and wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery of his death, and hustled some money to buy a plane ticket, and flew to Los Santos at age 16.

Goldie flew to Los Santos seeking to avenge his cousin.


Goldie flew to Los Santos. And and started to ask around about the death of his cousin, he started to visit barbershops paying off wino's with liquor and drug addicts. Soon he learned about all Larry's friends. And ran into his cousins road dog named Gloomy. He also discovered that Larry was struggling to survive on his own with money, and he ended up joining a gang that controlled S/W East Los Santos. The gang was called the East Boulevard Crooks. The gang used to be a Crip Set, but stopped claiming crip. And became there own gang and started claiming Crooks. Also known as the Graham Boys. Or the Boulevard Boys. Goldie was told by his cousins best friend it was led by a dude named Tyrell Byrd. A/K/A Blue Bird. Gloomy then told Goldie he was killed because weeks ago, Larry AKA Laroo. Was targeted by members of the F.Y.Ms. Arch rivals the E.B.Cs. Laroo being a hot head grabbed a can of spray, and went on a graffiti spree in there idlewood territory, and he took it too far and went even further, and sprayed the gang, and his name all over Los Santos. From East Beach to Rodeo. This caused alot of of trouble to the E.B.Cs. And this caused there allies to seek revenge on Laroo and the E.B.Cs. And Gloomy said at the time Bird was making a weapons deal with a local Norteno set in N/W E.L.S. And this caused alot of people getting shot at and hurt. And O.G Bird wanted to deal with Laroo. Eventually Laroo heard the news, and fled to Jefferson & Glen Park, were at the time the Brenshaw Mafias turf. Soon he fled to Fort Carson in Bone County. To lay low and the E.B.Cs was after him but could not find him. Then his homie Gloomy taught him to come back to the set and tell Tyrell everything about what happened, and why he did what he did so Larry did it but was almost executed, then all of a sudden they forgive him on one condition. Tyrell told him to go with him to tell the Nortenos on what he did, why he did it, and apologize to them for what he had done. But Bird said, if they spare him, and forgive him he will not die, but if they kill him they kill him, his faith is in there hands. Larry was thankful that he was spared and forgiven but then days later, Tyrell called him up and a few homies to go to the meeting with him to meet the N-14s. One of Laroo's Homies was there, and witnessed everything Larry tryed to plead for his life and apologize but the Nortenos showed him no merci. Then walked away, and came back and shot him in the head in the boxing gym. And all Tyrell said after that was Crook In Peace. After hearing the story about what Gloomy said to Goldie, and about his cousin made him even more pissed off, and cracked a plan to kill Tyrell Byrd.

Goldie plots a plan to kill Tyrell Bird

Goldie started to try to join the gang that had his cousin killed, but then he ran into a guy who was named O.G Maniak. He liked Goldie, and found out Goldie was funny and showed him his neighborhood, and Goldie soon found out he ran the Front Yard Mafia, and thats when Goldie cracked a plan, to join his cousins rivals. And started hanging out with the F.Y.M's but he also found out after Larry was killed the E.B.Cs Tyrell called a truce with the F.Y.M's, soon Goldie got in good with Tyrell & O.G Maniak. And he waited, and hustled until he gained everybody's trust, but he built his reputation on his fists but he never killed nobody, then he had got rewarded with a Sawed Off 12 Gage Shotgun, then he set his plan into motion after that.

What goes around come backs around harder!

Larry Mays can finally rest in peace.

Rest in pieces Tyrell Bird. (Evil Laugh)


On a cold day Goldie now nickname by his new blood homies, Goldie Lok$ set his plan in motion. Goldie got into a stolen car with his O.Gs Maniak & Loko. Maniak took the AK47. And and Loko drove the car with a Mac-10, while Lok$ sat in the backseat with his weapon, and they drove from Idlewood into Elm & Graham in East L.S. Goldie hit the weapon in the side of the door, it was a 12 Gage Sawned Off Shotgun. And Bird was in the basketball court with a few crook gang members, goldie told the driver to pull up slow so he can tell Tyrell to come closer to the car. Everybody did according to the plan, and then Goldie said, Big time Bird!! Leme holler at you! Then soon as Tyrell got close enough to the front passenger side, were Goldie was sittin, he recognized Goldie, and thought he was safe cause he thought Goldie was a wannabe Crook, not knowing Goldie is a Front Yard Mafia member now. And had greatist joy next to getting pussy, gripping his finger on the trigger then said, You know what...Whats goes around comes back around Harder!


Goldie slinged his shotgun out, and let loose pulling both triggers blowing Birds intestines out his back, and goldie said, That for my cousin Larry! And they took off back into the neighborhood, to celebrate the death of there rivals leader, and Goldie had got mad respect from the F.Y.Ms And eversince then the E.B.Cs took it hard after the lost of there leader, and the gang soon disbanded, by infighting for control of the set, and police raids, and the two asian gangs that allied with eachother, the Imperials up the street & the Asian Boyz. Up further they took over there area, and the 6th Street fighting to control for the whole ELS. This was a start of a new life of being a true blood.

Goldie's Damu days after he got put on.

Goldie getting interviewed doing the Blood Walk spelling blood with his feet.

The Front Yard Mafia's golden era before the gangs leader O.G Maniak got locked up.

After months later, Goldie started to get tired of being broke, so he asked Maniak for his plugs to start pushing weight. Then 6 months later Maniak soon got caught with drug trafficking. And was sentenced to 7 year's in prison, after that the Front Yards, started to fall apart, and Goldie started to focus on making money, cause he figured out there's no money in gang banging. And he started using O.G Maniaks drug plugs, and started dealing in heroin & cocaine. And started to slang dope all over Los Santos. Then he bought him his first car a red Tornado with chrome rims, and everybody knew Goldie by his car, and he started to make alot of money. This was the beginning of him leaving the gang life.

Trying to survive.

Goldie soon started to distant himself from his own gang, cause his former homies started to hate on him. Plus they started to plot to rob, and kill him cause the leader was gone, thats when everybody started to make up there own rules, and Goldie started to go solo on his own after Maniak got locked up. So Lok$ went to hang with the F.Y.Ms neighbor ally. The Brenshaw Mafia Bloods, in Jefferson & Glen Park. After hanging with them collecting revenue. Then Goldie was sitting in his lowrider, lisining to the radio until he heard a advertisement at the Velentine's Paraside Hotel. Goldie decided to treat himself by spending all his drug money, and got his hair brained into two pony tails and dressed up, and drove to Rodeo to see what was this party was all about.

Party On The West Side


At age 17, and hustling for a while. Goldie drove to west L.S. And parked up up front, and there was two women outside as he arrived, he was noticed quick by two beautiful ladies, cause of his shiny red tornado, then Goldie walked outside, and these two were twins, and walked up to Goldie saying, Mmmm i can tell you're a real man, I bet you got lots of money. At the time Goldie never had time for women cause he was busy hustling, and then they said 40K and we can make your day daddy, Goldie went back to his car took out a shoe box, and started flashing the money to them, and they dragged him into the hotel, showing him all the secret hidden rooms in the building, and gave his a hot threesome, and after Goldie got through with them they wanted to sell pussy for him. Goldie did not know nothing about pimping, and they started working for him. There name's were Brandisha Barnes & Janiqua Jagger, and soon they started making money off him, and it was working good, then he another dude he was on the same connections he was, named Deshaw Jenkins, he knew some Russians who was connected to the Valentine's, and one of his Russian friends took him, and Goldie to the Valentine's Complex. And showed him around, and Goldie was in shock how many women was in the hotel, and how big and beautiful was the building. Then Goldie kept comming back, and forward to the complex, until he ran into another party in there. This is when he met his best friends Kimberly Valentine & Orpheus Wimbush. They met Goldie and found out he was so funny he could be a comedian, and Kimberly wanted to take care of Goldie. Soon Lok$ kept doing missions for the Valentne's and gained there trust, and opened money avenues to the complex. Soon Kimberly set Goldie up with a room in the hotel, and introduced him to Natasha Valentine Monique Melodia. Well really Goldie was introduced to her earlier, when Goldie paid for his homie to have sex with a girl named Mia Jones, and they took him into the hotel, and found out they were filmed all the time, soon Kim inspired Goldie to run the brothel side of the hotel. At the time Goldie was starting a lowrider club at the time called the High Rollers Low rider club, and it was about to be set in motion, until the Valentine's turned him out, then Goldie quit gang banging, and bring his pimp partner Deshaw Jenkins into the mix, soon Goldie started to manage the prostitution side of the hotel. Thats when Goldie figured out he is a natural pimp, and got rich, then soon he ran into Carry Sunders, and she liked Goldie and liked Goldie more than Deshaw. Then the hotel was booming was at this point.

The golden era of this pimp poetry.

The Valentine's started to expand there operations, after Goldie started to fill the complex with all the whore's from every corner of the city. And Carry started buying up properties allover the city, the first thing she bought was the gas station in Idlewood and renamed it the Val Mart. Then started to buy up places to turn them into strip clubs. Carry gave Goldie & Deshaw a meeting to discuss business, and she told him to go manage the strip clubs, as Goldie & Deshaw supply them with women for the complex, also and then the plan was set in motion. Thats when Goldie's & Deshaw's empire started, and the whole city was filled with lust. Goldie had worked his empire with professionalism. But Deshaw was childish, but knew how to bring the women in, and started to mess up, causing trouble with the police, soon this caused Carry Sunders to fire Deshaw, and made him to commit suicide over a bridge. This hurted Goldie hard, and he had to handle the empire all by himself.

What goes up must come down.

By age 25 managing clubs, plus making connections with all the syndicates, that was based in the city of Los Santos At the time. And doing missions for the Valentine's Family. Carry Sunders opened up the Pretty Pony Strip Club in Verona Beach. And Goldie was getting famous all around LS. Until one day when he was in the strip clubs, managing his women a man came up to him to discuss business, it was after the club was closing, and they took Goldie Commerce. And showed him a Massage Parlor, and also what they want to do with it for side money, thats when Goldie came in they wanted to turn the place into a half Brothel/Massage Parlor/Lounge. And they made the deal, cause Goldie is a good businessman, and as always the plan was set in motion money kept rolling. Then days later they was raiding all of business Goldie Mack controlled. Goldie had three places he managed, the Valentines Paradise Hotel in Rodeo. The Pretty Pony in Verona Beach. The Gangsters Paradise in Temple. Plus a up and coming Club/Brothel/Lounge in Commerce. After getting word about the raids from his three main prostitutes named. Kimberly Smithson. Mia Jones. & Eldora Martinez. Goldie had to think fast, and flee up north into the countryside to lay low, and bribe the feds off his tail with money and his whores.

Chapter 2 of this poetry.


After shaking the heat, Goldie moved his operations back down to Red County, he moved to Montgomery, and he thought it would be easy to take over a county town. But that sure fooled him, it turned out the whole county was just as scandalous as Los Santos. He started to see people wearing Red Rags & Blue Rags. Los of drug dealing & prostitution going on, and money was being made in all ways illegal. Goldie said to himself that this is a Gold Mine. And he decided to set his goals to bring himself back up on his feet. And that is when he met. Claude Parks. Johnny Sanchez. And a whole lot more to start his empire back on track. Ever since then Goldie started to deal with every gang, making any avenue ways to make money. And to make anybody rich with him that's willing to make it with him.

The real story to make it short.

By the way everything i said in the story basically to make it all short that cousin i was talking about was my CKed character I ended to getting the name Goldie_Mack by accident and ran with it got revenge on the faction that did me dirty joined the FYMs i met the Valentines on another server that im not promoting cuz i know its against the rules Kimberly wanted me to become a pimp for the Valentines cuz of my name i met Deshaw Jenkins we became best homies Kimberly wanted me to become a pimp cuz of my name i ended up having a pimp empire and got famous af on there and then i ended up leaving SAMP being active cuz of IRL issues then i came on n off when i can but soon i ended up lisining to this girl i used to chill with on RC and she taught me into hack on there and they Banned my ass to the Planet X thats why im on here on RCRP xD ask around about me that server im talking about the people who knows me knows and is a witness ask around about me and btw that banned me till 2020!!! Jan 10th


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