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Gerald Brown


Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland

Growing up in Los Santos could would always be tough, no matter what background you came from. However for young Gerald Brown, life in Los Santos would be even harder. Brought up for most of his life in an apartment building that was quite literally falling to pieces and with four other relatives all cramped into this one apartment, which by the way was only a two bedroom apartment. Deprived of most luxuries that others had, well others that he seen anyway, to him a kid with five dollars was a rich mother fucker. It wasn't always that way to start out though. Gerald's family originally lived in the United Kingdom, living in a rather big four bedroom house in South London, the suggested reason as to why the Brown's left England, and the United Kingdom in such a rush is supposedly revolved around Gerald's father, a proposed major influence in the "British Mob". Easing away from all the football violence, Gerald's father Michael considered there to be more in life than having a scrap at a football match, calling everyone that you don't recognise a tosser, however when a deal between the Mob & a large Italian Mafia that were basing themselves temporarily in Aberdeen, went wrong - Michael Brown was found dead in his car, which was laying at the bottom of the Thames.

So you could get the sort of picture, once rich British family, now a family of poor twats trying to make a living in Los Santos? Doesn't fit the whole picture very well.

Gerald wasn't liked very much in High School and was often bullied by the other kids for his lunch money or any valuables that he had on him. He didn't even get a lot for his lunch money, and was often made to go hungry for the whole day, his mother didn't have the money for much food, and still had to try and maintain a family of four, she always thought Gerald would get something to eat at School, of course he didn't. Gerald's life started to take a turn for the better when he first watched an Episode of COPS that was filmed just outside of Los Santos in the Red County Area, I know what you're thinking, bad area of Los Santos, British, Bullied & now taking a keen interest into the Red County Sheriff Department, could it get any worse? YES! Gerald started to study Law and Policing in his lunch breaks at School, often spending his time in the library or on the shitty computers that the School had. When Gerald reached the age of nineteen he thought he was a fucking wizkid, and moved out to Fort Carson, Boner county. Still being poor however, Gerald could only afford a shitty little trailer.

"CADET BROWN!" Holy fuck the British twats a cadet, in fucking what? Gerald Brown having studied Law and Policing for all of his High School years basically had taken it upon himself and even though being nervous as heck, applied for the Red County Sheriff Department, it didn't even take long for his application to be accepted, and this was marked the turning point or the milestone of Gerald's life.

The Red County Sheriff Department often made it onto COPS which Gerald always watched or had his mother record if he couldn't be in the trailer to watch it, rather stupid though, he got his mother to mail the fucking videos out to him, from Los Santos to his trailer, bet the mail guy wondered what kinda' retards were allowed to mail letters these days.

Not really much happens in Gerald's life and most of his current life is kept behind closed doors, however he's really earned his way back up to the top again, now a Corporal in the San Andreas Sheriff Department, with a shit load of money in the bank. Always keeping his chin up and looking to the future

(( This was rather rushed, I hadn't thought of it before writing it, and hadn't really taken much from In game as I don't really keep note unless it's important, this will be updated from time to time though, as I'll start adding more in game events to the story.))