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Galloping Goose Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

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Jun 19, 2018
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The original "Galloping Goose" was a motorcycle owned by a man named Dick Hershberg. The well-known bike had its name "Galloping Goose" along with a running middle finger painted on the gas tank. The singular term "Galloping Goose" is because it started as one person and a bike, not a club. This occurred between 1943 & 1946. Around this time, Mr. Hershberg had quite a following of people. They were known as the "Galloping Goose" or “GG Bunch”. They got together and went on weekend runs. One guy used to drive a Buick with an outhouse on the trailer to all the runs. Hence, the out house on the patch. They used to hang out at the Pullman Bar across the street from Union Station in Los Angles. This bar is where the original design, which later became the patch, was first drawn up. Famous L.A. Artist, John Altoon, a friend of Hershberg, and the GG Bunch drew the original design on a cocktail napkin. Eventually, the unforgettable image from the napkin was incorporated into the Galloping Goose patch, and is seen worn by Galloping Goose members today. When the club actually started around 1949 or 1950 there were 13 members. They had a triangle patch on their sweaters. Hershberg had a friend at Broadway Knitting Mills that made the first sweater with the patch. To this day, the club sweaters are still worn by all GGMC members and are still produced by Broadway Knitting Mills.

The club got well known for their hill climb runs. They took place on Vincent Mountain near Bakersfield, CA. Through this, the club got invited to Hollister around 1947. The club hung around with other clubs called Alameda Street Yellow Jackets, Moonshiners & the Booze Fighters. After Hollister the club was down for a year. Then Pinky Pineda, Indian Fritz, Jumpin' Joe, Wino Willie Taylor plus others wanted to start the club again. Soon after, around 1950, the club members voted on and passed on the changing of the original triangular shaped patch to the circular patch seen worn by GGMC members today.

The club hung out at Para Boo Bar on Beverly in L.A. Many members, Kim May, Slim Summerville, Rink, Sweet Willie, One Leg John Grey & Preacher Bob Smith, till 1955. L.A. Charter Members include Jim Aubry, Little Dick, Sherman, Charles the Mute, Pinky Pineda, Shaggin Chuck, Sam the Banana Man, Johnny Angel And Secretary Bobbky Elliot. After a while, Valley Charter started & merged with the L.A. Charter to form So. Cal. It was about 1962 when Smitty left the So Cal Charter to start the Chicago Charter. In 1969 Mousey Rider hooked up with Frog, Matin and Jerry to start New Orleans. Right about 1970 Smitty hit the road again and started the Oklahoma Charter with Dink, Don Wetzel and Rob Mabey. It was at the same time that the So Cal Charter also created the Montana and the Wyoming Charters. Original Goose from New Orleans, Camper John, started the Kansas City Charter, which then sent R.G. Waters to begin the Springfield, Missouri Charter.

The club has a close relationship with El Forastero Motorcycle Club.
"When we met up with the El Forasteros, they were saying they were 1%er El Forasteros. So, we being stupid drunks said 'yeah, well we are the motherfucking Galloping Goose' and put the MFer patch where other clubs put the 1%. We never cared about going with the flow — same reason we kept the one piece patch. When we became brothers to the EFMC, they gave us the 1% patch. But the EFMC gave us theirs patch, telling us we were 1% as fuck. So, we cut off our MFer patch and said 'well, we both are 1%er Mfers brothers forever' — now all Gooses and Forasteros wear the gold and black 1%er patch and the purple and gold MFer patch." To this date El Forastero and Galloping Goose MCs give each other patches as a tradition.

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Galloping Goose MC members sentenced

Kansas City, Missouri (March 15, 2019) BTN - Three men have been sentenced in federal court this week for their roles in a drug-trafficking conspiracy that led to the kidnap and torture of an Independence man almost three years ago. Randal Holmes of Kansas City, also known as "Peckerwood" or "Wood," Michael Borrusch of Lakewood, Colorado, also known as "Birdie" were sentenced Thursday during separate appearances in federal court in Kansas City.

Holmes, 54, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison without parole. Borrusch was sentenced to three years and 10 months. Jeremy Bond, 40, of Independence was sentenced Wednesday to two years and six months in federal prison without parole. In July, Holmes pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping, conspiracy to distribute 50 kilograms or more of marijuana and brandishing firearms in furtherance of drug-trafficking crime.

Borrusch and Bond pleaded guilty to roles in drug-trafficking, Holmes' son and co-defendant Gerald, 27, also known as "Jerry" or "Joker," and Richard Phoenix, 77, also known as "Snake" have also pleaded guilty in the case and await sentencing. The Holmes duo and Phoenix were part of the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club.


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May 2, 2013
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