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From Liberty - to Bone County


My name is Don Sallieri , I was borned in 1954, 8th of June , in Liberty City , my mother died on birth , and I was left with my father , Claudiano Sallieri ... We had an rich uncle , my mum's brother , Don Salvatore Leone... he had in his companion his son , Joey Leone.
Me and Joey were good as brothers , and then , those ages came , the cold war , NATO vs. USSR . Joey joined the military in 1974. , at the breach of the war , there only was needed one second to start the war , Russian fleet of submarines around the USA , and the countries of NATO , and NATO's F-16's above Moscow , it was a tied situation , but we came trough , unfortunately , Joey , has died , in a plane accident , the plane was shot down by the Afganistan terrorists . Then , Salvatore was killed in 1980. , by the man called Claude Speed . Then , my father has decided to ger me to safety , and there it was , 4 small towns on the map of Los Angeles , Montgomery , Dilimore , Palomino Creek , and BlueBerry , and Claudiano gave me 10 000 $ , and sent me there , with only one mission , survive .And later , the area of Red County " expanded " by building more and more houses , and other buildings , and then Bone County was released . And that was one of the most happiest momments of my life . After that , I went to see my father , Claudiano , and return the favour he gave to me , 10 years ago... But , when he was driving, one night , there was a robbery , in the Shoreside Vale bank , my father was shot , and I have escaped , but it was too late for him , I said in myself , that I will find the men that shot my father ...


Feb 7, 2010

(( No offence.. but I lol'd, next time don't copy stories from GTA.. Salvatore was killed in 2001, by guy named Claude, his last name was never confirmed.. Yes, GTA2 has protagonist named Claude Speed but that doesn't prove nothing.. ))