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Denied Food Delivery Side Job

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Antonio Marquez

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Jan 12, 2010
Well, here it is:
You could have 2 places to get this side-job.
1st Place= Clucking Bell near Fort Carson
2nd Place= Well Stacked Pizza in Montgomery

The command would be '/FoodDelivery [Pizza/CluckingBell] [On/Off]' <<< On/Off as in Duty On/Off

At the 1st place, you would get on a Yellow-Red scooter and do '/FoodDelivery CluckingBell On'
And then, you will automaticly get into a CluckingBell suit (Chicken Dude) and you will recieve calls from hungry people.
When you want to quit delivering food, just do '/FoodDelivery CluckingBell Off'
At the 2nd place, you would get on a Red-Yellow scooter and do '/FoodDelivery Pizza On'
You will automaticly get into a Pizza Guy clothes and you will recieve call from hungry people.

The hungry people would call for food like this:
'/call 888' [Pizza]
'/call 999' [Clucking Bell]

When they call 888, they will get an option-window, like in the pizza place, they will get a list of food and their prices: Large Meal, Medium Meal, Salat, etc.
When they choose a meal, they will automaticly say: Large Meal (Or w/E they chose)
The pizza guy on duty will recieve a call looking like this,
Let's say the guy called for a Large Meal:
*** Hungry_Dude is calling for a Large Meal(Price), use '/acceptorder' to accept Hungy_Dude's order.
Then you accept it:
***You have accepted Hungy_Dude's order, get to the red checkpoint.

When the delivery guy gets there he has to '/sellpizza [ID] [Large Meal, Medium Meal, Salat, Small Meal, etc...] [Price]'
It would go same for the Clucking Bell, only difference is the name of the meals, the number they call and the command: '/sellburgers [ID] [Meal] [Pice]

PS: The Clucking Bell sells burgers, and the Well Stacked Pizza sells pizza's.
Maybe we could add BurgerShot too, but it would be useless, since Clucking Bell sells burgers too.
(Or we can change clucking bell with burger-shot)

There, I hope you like it.
[More Food Suggestions Coming Soon]


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Jan 9, 2010
Nice idea. I would call much times to get burgers...yeeah...Support

Yurik Cherdenko

For the pizza one use the scooter "pizzaboy" it has pizza box on back. And for clucking bell yellow moped. Yeah its good I like it.
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