Fishing Turtorial

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Nov 5, 2010
It is sunny day and you fell relaxed(Well not in my case).
And you decide:Maybe I could go fishing.
But you're confused and think:Where can I do that?

If you're that guy or girl,you came to right place because this is:
How to go fishing tutorial

Step 1
Where is this place?

Click on his picture to see full size,I'm sorry for this.

Now you know where it is located,so you should head there.

Step 2

Place should look like this

So now you should head to fishing shop,and you need at least 1000dollars.

Buy all these things,and you always will need bait.

Step 3

You're ready for fishing!Just head to pier or head out with boat(Reefer)

You can see other man fishing!

Just type /fish and you will start fishing,to check how much fishes you got and other initial info do/fishes

If that what you caught doesn't satisfy you,you can let fish back with /putback
And if you think you don't like all fishes you caught do /putbackall.

Additional Info

If you're heading to fishing you should have swim clothes to RP successfully.
You can buy them in any clothes store(check other guides,how to buy clothes)
Rod sometimes snaps,but when its durability reaches 0%,it breaks apart,but don't worry you can buy new one at fishing shop.
Whale is biggest catch and be caught only at Reefer and it costs like 200-300 grands.
If you're lucky you could get rich only by fishing.
At pier you can't catch very big fish,but on Reefer you can catch bigger ones.

Thank you for reading my guide!
Jul 1, 2010
IG Name
Daniel Moritz
Imo, you could have made this a bit better. ex:

* In the first screenshot, it looks like the fishing place is in both Montgomery, Blueberry and Palomino.
*There's more than only one fishing places, there's 2 others.
* /putback, then what?
*If you refer to another tutorial, it would be helpfull if you linked to them.

Of course i know all the questions i wrote, im just trying to help you improve your tutorial. Its' nice that you're putting effort into helping some begginners.
Dec 4, 2010
IG Name
Robby Wilkinson
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