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Frequently Asked Questions​



I myself noticed that it's the same questions that people repeat in /n in-game all the time, so I decided to put together an FAQ with all the answers.

I have linked to other guides and tutorials already on the forums, credit to the authors of those.

I have written this myself, no copy-pasta.

How to use: Simply click a question to get to the answer.








Can someone show me around or introduce me to the server?

There are people who would be willing to give you a tour around the server, however, it is a better idea to read the guides and tutorials instead.

Please refer to following for an introduction to some aspects:
Complete Newcomer Guide


Who is the server owner?

Alec Rae is the scripter and the main person behind the server, however the founders of the server includes Ian Burns, Mick Foley, Itami Shikura.


I found a bug! What do I do?

This server uses the Mantis BugTracker-system. Please read more about this at: Bug Reports section


I have a suggestion, what do I do?

There is a forum dedicated to suggestions, this is however temporarily closed. The reason for this is, that Alec(our scripter) needs to be able to keep up, and we simply had too many suggestions that he needed to take care of first. You should write your suggestions down and remember them for later.

The current suggestions can still be commented and replied to however. Check them out here: Suggestions Forum


What does this abbrevation mean?

Here's a list of the most common abbrevations in Red County Roleplay:

  • [*]RP - Roleplay
    [*]DM - Death Match
    [*]MG - Metagaming
    [*]PG - Powergaming
    [*]RC - Red County
    [*]BC - Bone County
    [*]BB - Blueberry
    [*]PC - Palomino Creek
    [*]Mont - Montgomery
    [*]Dilli - Dillimore
    [*]FC - Fort Carson or Flint County
    [*]EQ - El Quebrados
    [*]LB - Las Barrancas
    [*]LP - Las Payasadas
    [*]AP - Angel Pine
    [*]SA - San Andreas
    [*]LS - Los Santos
    [*]LV - Las Venturas
    [*]SF - San Fierro
    [*]A69 - Area 69(or 51, 53, what ever you please)
    [*]RK - Revenge Killing
    [*]CK - Character Kill
    [*]Hax - Hacks, Cheats, programs designed to give the hacker unintended abilities.
    [*]GJ - Good Job
    [*]Cya - See you(See ya')
    [*]Lol - Laughing out loud, term used for something funny
    [*]Rofl - Rolling on the floor laughing, term used for something funny
    [*]Lmao - Laughing my ass off, term used for something funny
    [*]Wtf - What the fuck
    [*]Ftw - For the win, used to describe something cool or awesome
    [*]Ftl - For the loose, opposite of above
    [*]Gz - Gratz(or Grats) Lazy way of saying "Congratulations!"
    [*]BS - Bullshit, term used to describe something that is an obvious lie/untrue, or very annoying
    [*]Noob/Nab/Nub - Newbie or someone new to the server, new to RP or new to SA:MP
    [*]GTA - Grand Theft Auto
    [*]MTA - Multi Theft Auto
    [*]SAMP - San Andreas Multiplayer
    [*]ESS - Epsilon Security Service(faction)
    [*]WCS - Waqqa's Crime Syndicate(faction)
    [*]BDS - Black Dragon Syndicate(faction)
    [*]SAST - San Andreas State Troopers(faction)
    [*]SAES - San Andreas Emergency Services(faction)
    [*]SAFB - San Andreas Fire Brigade(faction)
    [*]SAMS - San Andreas Medical Service(faction)
    [*]BD - Blue Dynasty(faction)
    [*]DB - Dillimore Bastards(faction)
    [*]LO - La Onda(faction)
    [*]ET - Elite Trucking

Please note that almost all of these abbrevations are considered 'mixing', and it is therefore an OOC-punishable offense if you say them In-Character.

Mixing means using OOC terms IC, for example "lol hai wazup wunna go to FC pwn sum nubz?" - Most of those terms did not exist in 1993, and is therefore not roleplay-ish.


How can I donate to the server?

This is a thread that explains how to donate and what benefits you will recieve: Donate to the Server

For more information, please refer to this forum section: Donations

All donations are greatly appreciated by not just the administration, but the whole community!


_ Where can I see the changelog?

The changelog is available at: http://www.redcountyrp.com/changelog/

Be sure to check this often for new changes, as the changes will appear in the changelog even before the any new version is launched.

Also, be sure not to suggest something before you've checked if it is already in the changelog for future versions.


_ I want to be an admin! Can I?

The short answer is no, probably not.

The admins are hand-picked by the RCRP administration, that means the admins and mods. Asking for admin does not help you.

The best way to show you are of value to the community, is to be an example to others, help newcomers and show that you know how to roleplay and you are familiar with the rules. Good luck!


How do I get help?

If you have questions not answered in the guides and tutorials, there are following ways to get additional help:

  • [*]/n (text) - Newbie chat in-game, for server related questions only.
    [*]Help Forum - Game-server related questions only(i.e. connection issues)
    [*]PM a Helper - Either in-game with /pm or PM on the forums. If no one else, you can at least contact me, Icy on the forums, Jericho Mason in-game.


├óÔÇöÔÇ╣ In-game


_ What are the in-game rules?

Please read the in-game rules here: http://www.rc-rp.com/rcrp-rules-f36/red-county-rp-rules-last-updated-23rd-may-2010-t74.htm


_ What year is it in-game?

The year in-game is 1993, and you must roleplay after this. That means your age must be consistent with this. If you are born in 1973, you are 20 years old, not 37.


_ How can I view my statistics(stats)?

This is simply done with the /stats-command. This will display all kinds of useful information to you, such as your played time, your faction, kill/death ratio, current amount of XP, your level, etc.


_ How can I contact admins?

There are two main ways:

  • [*]/assistance

/assistance opens up a small dialogbox where you can type in a question or something you need admin assistance with. Example: 'I need help locating my lost car'
/report works the following way: /report (Player ID, found with /id (name)) (offense). Used to report another player who has broken a rule. For example: '/report 13 Death-Match and Non-RP'

Please note these does not do anything if no admins are online(/admins). Please remember to take screenshots of people who breaks rules and report them on the forums, if this is the case.


_ Where do I get a job?

Please read this guide: The Noob's Handbook by Tyrone Mathers

Here is a list of the side jobs: Red County Sidejobs by Alec Rae

Main jobs are Drug Dealer, Arms Dealer and Mechanic. You should find out where to get these jobs In-Character.


_ Where is (...)?

Please read this guide for some points of interest: The Noob's Handbook by Tyrone Mathers

The best idea, however, is to find things In-Character. Find someone and ask them for directions. Police officers are usually willing to help, if they aren't busy.

You can also use the minimap or purchase a GPS in an Electronics Store. Locations of Electronic Stores can be seen in the guide above.


_ How do I call a mechanic?

There is no definate number for this.

If you need a mechanic, and you aren't one yourself, you have following options:

  • [*]/advert for a mechanic.
    [*]If there is a mechanic company advertising(for example on the forums), call them.
    [*]If your car is stranded somewhere, walk to the nearest town and ask for a mechanic, like in real life.
    [*]If your car needs to be fixed, you can always use a Pay'n'Spray(spraycan icon on the map).


_ How can I see my phone number?

You can see all your phone's stats with the command '/pinfo'. (Phone information)


_ How can I see how old I am?

When you register, you choose a birthdate, and there is no in-game command to check it. I, personally, suggest writing it down somewhere.

However, you can always just make up a birthdate as you go, as no one can check it. Remember, however, that you cannot change your birthdate on a character, it must match what you have previously stated. Example: John Doe applies for the Police, and his file says he is 34 years old. He is denied and applies for the Paramedics, but now his file says he is 29 years old.

You can lie about your age, however a CV or personal record cannot be changed(It can be faked, but then again, why should you?).


_ Where/How can I change my skin?

There are clothes shops in almost all towns/villages. The ones in Red County are usually 'Locals Only'-stores, they have a banner out front, which is the Stars and Stripes with the following text: "Locals Only - We don't like yur type round here". The ones in Bone County are not as easily recognized, but try to find them In-Character, or read this question:

Also refer to this: Welcome to Red County by Hopkins
And this(Locations): The Noob's Handbook by Tyrone Mathers


_ How do I level up?

Simply use /buylevel to increase your character's level. Your level can be seen both in /stats as well as in the scoreboard(press TAB), displayed there as your 'Score:'.


_ How do I get XP?

You get 1 XP per paycheck you sign. For more info on paychecks, read this question: What are paychecks and how do they work?


_ What are paychecks and how do they work?

Every half hour, XX:00 and XX:30 that is, you get a paycheck. A message will display in your chatbox, displaying a number. To get your money, use the following command:

/signcheck (Number)

The number is there to keep people from simply going AFK with a bot that moves them around(so they don't get auto-kicked) over night, recieving money and XP from not being present.

Every paycheck gives you money for your job, some for some factions(if you are a member of it), interest from your bank account and 1 XP. XP can be used to get a higher player level.


_ Where can I get a car?

Please refer to this guide(Note: The prices are not entirely correct, locations are though): Cars - Shops and Prices by Icy


_ Why is (...) not in any car-dealership?

Some vehicles are restricted, some can only be used under special circumstances, some can only be used in factions, and some can only be bought from Alec Rae(the server scripter).

If the car you want is not in any dealership, you can always contact Alec and ask if you can buy it from him. Please note that bicycles are restricted.

For a list of the cars in the dealerships, please check this guide(Note: The prices are not entirely correct, locations are though): Cars - Shops and Prices by Icy


_ Where can I get weapons?

Weapons can not be purchased in the AmmuNations in Red County Roleplay. If you want a weapon, you must contact an Arms Dealer.

This is normally done by either responding to an Arms Dealers /advert, or making an /advert yourself. Please note that you should disguise your advert to look legal, since you can be arrested for buying illicit firearms.

Please refer to this queston: How do adverts work?


_ Why can't I get a knife/katana/other restricted weapon?

Some weapons are restricted because they are way too powerful, this includes Knife, Katana, Heat-seaking RPG, Chainsaw, Minigun, RPG, Flamethrower, Molotov Cocktails, Grenades.

Some weapons are only allowed in special factions, for example: The SPAS-12 and the M4 are only allowed in Law-Enforcement factions.


_ How do I join a faction?

Most factions require you to fill out an In-Character application in their sub-forum or un-official thread. Some factions can only be applied to in-game, for example Waqqa's Crime Syndicate.

Please refer to this guide: The Noob's Handbook by Tyrone Mathers


_ How do I get a house?

Houses can mostly only be bought from other players, as all houses are generally taken. Once in a while you might find an unoccupied one, but this is very rare.

The best way to get a house would be to either make an /advert(Check this question: How do adverts work?), advertise it on the forums, or check out this forum: Auctions

It is also possible to rent a motelroom, these are mainly located at the Fort Carson motels. These can be rented for a small fee that you pay at every paycheck, and they can then be used as spawnpoints.


_ How can I get a business(bizz)?

Same way as houses, read this: How do I get a house?


_ How do bizzes work?

Businesses are ownable by players, and any player can, with a high enough level, own 2 businesses at any one time.

There are different types of businesses. Here are the features they can have:

  • [*]Entrance fee - When someone enters the business you will recieve an amount of cash, an amount you can set yourself.
    [*]Earnings - When someone buys something in your business, you will recieve an amount of cash from the customer. This depends on what your bizz sells.
    [*]Paycheck bonus - All businesses grants you a bonus on your paycheck, the bonus varies from business to business.
    [*]Sidejob-earnings - Should you get to own a sidejob-business, you will recieve a small income of about 200$ every time someone completes your sidejob.

Please note that not all businesses can be entered. Businesses with green text labels can, businesses with red text labels cannot. However, non-enterable businesses will always grant you a paycheck bonus.


_ How do radios work?

A radio can be purchased in an Electronics Store(Read this question for locations: Where is (...)?).

A radio has following commands:

  • [*]/ron - Radio On, turns the radio on, and it can now be used
    [*]/roff - Radio Off, turns the radio off, and it can no longer be used
    [*]/rtune XXXX - Radio Tune, tunes the radio into a frequency of your choice. Note that some are restricted(example: 9111 is for law enforcement factions)
    [*]/r (text) - Broadcast an IC message to everyone else listening to your frequency.


_ How do adverts work?

Adverts can be made in the Montgomery News Co. Building, next to the Cabbie Co. building(Yellow dot on map).

Following commands can be used to make adverts:

  • [*]/advert (text) - Creates a normal advert that displays your text, your name and your phone number. Costs 5$ per letter.
    [*]/padvert - Creates a private advert, that displays your text and your phone number only. Costs 8$ per letter.
    [*]/fadvert - Faction advert, can only be used by certain ranks in official factions. Note that you DO NOT have to be in the Montgomery News Co. Building to use this! Costs 8$ per letter, and should only be used for faction related advertise.


_ How does the lottery work?

The lottery takes place every hour, at XX:59. Five minutes prior to the lottery, you will recieve a reminder, telling you to buy a ticket if you want to participate. You will recieve another reminder 2 minutes prior to the lottery as well.

To buy a ticket, use the following command:

  • [*]/buyticket X X X

Replace X X X with the numbers of your choice from 1-9. Example: /buyticket 1 3 7

At XX:59, 3 numbers will be randomly picked by the script, and announced to all players. For example: 5, 6 and 7.

You can win following:

  • [*]2,000$ - One number right
    [*]8,000$ - Two numbers right
    [*]15,000$ - All three numbers right

Please note, however, that your numbers must be in the same order to win. If you play for 1 3 7, and the result is 3 7 1, you will not win anything. If the result is 1 7 3, you would win 2,000$.


_ How can I find a player's ID?

Player ID's are used to identify or target players in many different commands, and are essential for the server.

To find a players ID, use following command:

  • [*]/id (partial player name)

This will show you a list of all the players online with the text you supplied as a part of their name. For example: /id Jack: Jack Greg - ID 1, Sam Jackson - ID 2, Bob Jackster - ID 3.


_ How can I sell or give something to another player?

Most items in your inventory, such as money, carkeys, house/business ownerships, weapons, fuel cans, drugs etc., can be given to other players or sold.

Following commands can be used:

  • [*]/pay (ID/Name) (amount) - Example: /pay 7 1200
    [*]/sell (vehicle/house/business)
    [*]/give (ID/Name to give to) (What to give) (Amount or name of item) - Example: /give 12 weapon 9mm or /give Peter_Jackson fuelcan 1

Please be aware that if you want to sell drugs or weapons, you cannot do it as a part of the script, you must give it to him first, and trust him enough to give you the cash afterwards, or you must convince him to give you the cash first. It's your choice.


_ How can I change my spawn point?

You can change your spawn point with following command:

  • [*]/changespawn

Enter that command and you will see a list of possible spawns that you can pick from. Please note that it is not possible to change your noobspawn(trailer parks) at this point.


├óÔÇöÔÇ╣ Roleplay


_ What is roleplay, how do you do it?

Please check out the following guides:

Highly Detailed Roleplay by Joe Scott
How to Roleplay by Jarred Brown


_ What are the ways to talk IC?

There are following main IC ways of communication:

  • [*]Normal talking - no prefix or commands, simply type in text and press enter.
    [*]Shouting - /s (text)
    [*]Whispering - /w (id or name) (text) - Only the person you whisper to can hear it. You must be close to each other.
    [*]Radio Communication - /r (text). For info on radios, check this question: How do radios work?

Also, please refer to the guides in this question: What is roleplay, how do you do it?


_ What are the ways to talk OOC?

There are following main OOC ways of communication:

  • [*]Basic OOC - /b (text) - Send an OOC message to people close to you.
    [*]Global OOC - /o (text) - This chat is generally disabled due to spam.
    [*]Faction Chat - /f (text) - Send an OOC message to members of your faction. Cannot be used if you are not in a faction.
    [*]Personal Message - /pm (id or name) (text) - Sends a private/personal message to the ID or Name specified.

Also, please refer to the guides in this question: What is roleplay, how do you do it?


_ What is the use of /me and /do?

/me is an action or a movement. It is used to describe something your character does that cannot be shown otherwise. This come out like this: Firstname_Lastname (action) - Example: '/me ties his shoelaces.' = 'Jack_Bob ties his shoelaces.' Examples of uses could be:

  • [*]/me locks the door to the bathroom.
    [*]/me attempts to knock Bob out.
    [*]/me grabs a shotgun from the back seat.
    [*]/me takes out a cigarette from his back pocket.
    [*]/me blows a kiss to Bob.

/do is used to describe things, tell people what is happening, when it isn't something your character does. This comes out like this: (observation) ((Firstname_Lastname)). Example: '/do My shoelaces are untied.' = 'My shoelaces are untied. ((Jack_Bob))'. Examples of uses could be:

  • [*]/do There is a dog lying in the back of the pick-up.
    [*]/do Bob has a bag on his shoulder.
    [*]/do * A loud BANG is heard *
    [*]/do A kitten runs in front of the car!
    [*]/do Bob has a scar on his cheek.

Please refer to the guides in this question: What is roleplay, how do you do it?


_ How can I roleplay a (...)?

Most things that you wish to roleplay, you can! You can, generally speaking, be anything from a drug lord or a gangster, to a police officer or a farmer!

There are some things however, that you need to apply for, for example the Police-faciton, the San Andreas State Troopers. It is a criminal offense to act as a cop if you aren't.

However, if you want to be a rapper, be a rapper! If you want to be a street racer, go on! No one is stopping you, and there are almost no restrictions.

For information how to join a faction, please check this question: How do I join a faction?


_ What type of roleplay is on this server?

Red County Roleplay is officially a heavy roleplaying server, this means that you must stay In-Character and roleplay as much as possible, with as much detail as possible.

This is a controversial topic, because some people does not think/believe that we are using heavy roleplay, but that is a matter of opinions.


├óÔÇöÔÇ╣ Forum


_ Why are some names a different color?

Some usergroups changes your name's color. These usergroups are mainly factions, for example, the police officers are dark-blue, the News Co has pink names, etc.

Administrators and moderators have cyan names.


_ What are the rules for the forum?

Please check the forum rules here: http://www.rc-rp.com/rcrp-rules-f36/forum-rules-last-updated-7th-june-2010-t73.htm

Or the link in the scrolling bar in the top of the forum.


_ Where should I post my (...)?

Here's a list of where you should post the most common things:

  • [*]Ban-appeals: http://www.rc-rp.com/bans-f11/
    [*]Auctions: http://www.rc-rp.com/auction-f4/
    [*]In-Character threads: http://www.rc-rp.com/general-ic-f6/
    [*]Out-of-Character threads: http://www.rc-rp.com/general-ooc-chat-f7/
    [*]Suggestions: Please read this: I have a suggestion, what do I do?
    [*]Complaints or reports: http://www.rc-rp.com/complaints-f29/
    [*]Bug reports: Please read this: I found a bug! What do I do?
    [*]Off-topic threads: http://www.rc-rp.com/off-topic-chat-f20/
    [*]User Control Panel and Account relates issues: http://www.rc-rp.com/user-control-panel-accounts-f44/
    [*]Technicial problems: http://www.rc-rp.com/technical-support-questions-f28/
    [*]Introductions/Quitting/Temporarily Away: http://www.rc-rp.com/introductions-quitting-temporarily-away-f34/

If yours is not one of above, please browse the different forums yourself here: http://www.rc-rp.com/forum.htm


_ Can I be banned from the forums?

You can, however this only happens rarely. Mostly, you will only be banned in-game, however spammers, advertisers or general dickheads can be banned by the admins, if they find that their actions are breaking the forum rules. Please read this question for the forum rules: What are the rules for the forum?



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Just...WOW.A lot of effort,great job Icy-It helped me with few questions too.
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Nice one :D

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Awesome guide but convince the noobs to read it now :D
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Awesome by Mr. Awesome!

Doesn't take long time to read it, very well detailed. Noobs can find the answer to their questions fastly, just find the correct title. :p

My tutorial is in it too. :)


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Re: Red County Roleplay FAQ

Gah, I spent a fucking hour putting HTML together, with anchors and links, so you could click the question and be sent to the place on the page where it is.

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Re: Red County Roleplay FAQ

How many hours did it take to write all that?
I have to admit, you really are awesome.
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