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Faction Management: Implementing faction handlers


Apr 14, 2010
During the last Faction Administration meeting we went through the Leadership Q&A thread and discussed concerns made by the players of RC-RP. The biggest issue that players appeared to have with Faction Administration is the huge communication gap between Factions and FA, and so we have decided to implement a completely new system by hiring Faction Consultants. You asked, and we listened.
Khaleesi said:
I might not be the best to ask or comment on this, but whatever — there are numerous experienced community members in different fields of role-play specific to certain factions, whether that would be legal, illegal, and then split into government, law enforcement, gangs, mobs, etc. Why wouldn't you people build a non-staff based group of people who could be Faction Consultants or anything alike made up of those people to help you understand where factions are going and where factions should go? I'm sure we know better than some FAs.
Sliver said:
kind of what khaleesi said (didnt read it all tho so i may be wrong), i dont think everyone involved in faction administration should be admins, because there are a few members here who really know how factions work, how they should be written, how the rp should be, under which circumstances etc etc etc, all those factors. and if the current faction admins are just gonna push this potential away, that'd be a great loss and the factions wouldn't be what they could be AKA loss of potential

not 100% sure if all FA just give a 'fuck off' look to those who seek to help FA staff (who are not admins), but it might be a good idea to have an official policy to this, at least consider to take advice to heart, despite who the person/member is
Alko said:
What I want to know is will the communication between a head of illegal factions and community members improve?
67. said:
How will small unofficial factions be helped? Like mine and many others?
Faction Consultants are established members of the community who have been handpicked to consult Faction Administration. They all have great expertise in their relevant areas of faction roleplay. Not only will they consult Faction Administration, we have also decided to implement a new system; Faction Handlers.

What is a Faction Handler?
A faction handler is a member of the Faction Consultant team that is assigned to your faction and acts as the liaison between the faction, and the Faction Administration team. The faction handler's most important responsibility is to help the faction they are assigned to and answer any questions they may have, or fulfill any requests as long as they are deemed acceptable. They are also there to report and reply to any concerns the faction may have, essentially be the faction's first stop when they require something from Faction Administration. The faction handler will also be experienced in the type of roleplay the faction does and will regularly monitor their progress by giving the faction regular reviews. The requirement will be at least monthly reviews at the minimum. These reviews will highlight important issues within the faction, but also highlight what the faction is currently doing well. The idea is that faction handlers will help factions ensure they meet the requirements for official and maximize the faction's potential. They will also be the faction's representative when it comes to complaints; if a complaint is posted on a faction that has a handler, the handler will be responsible for helping to defend the faction while working alongside the faction leaders. Faction handlers will be experts on faction rules and also the faction relevant to the complaint, and so they will be a great asset to faction leaders.

Roles of a faction handler:

  • Act as the liaison between the faction & faction administration
  • Answer any questions the faction has
  • Review the faction regularly
  • Monitor their progress and highlight any issues to the leadership of the faction
  • Give regular feedback on how to take the faction to the next level
  • Assist in complaints the faction is involved in
  • Represent the faction when it comes to internal discussions within the faction management team
  • Pass feedback onto faction leaders from Faction Administration
Who are the faction consultants?

How do I get a faction handler?
All official factions are being assigned handlers right now and every official faction leader should receive a forum PM in the next few days from their Faction Handler. When it comes to unofficial factions, any faction that has been standing for longer than a week and has shown to be serious about their faction, can request a faction handler using the format below. We hope to accommodate all factions however our team is limited and we need to ensure that the handler has the experience and knowledge relevant to your faction.

[b]Faction Name:[/b]
[b]Faction Concept:[/b]
[b]Link to faction thread:[/b]
[b]Member list:[/b]
Requests for faction handlers are to be sent to [profile]Paxie[/profile].


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Dec 23, 2015
uh ok

Beth said:
Really not a fan of some of the choices in terms of people for multiple reasons but best of luck.
this too


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Mar 29, 2014
There will always be controversy regarding this topic. I was against it before it started and then I grew to accept it later on. Feel free to discuss your opinions on this topic professionally.


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Jun 2, 2016
Beth said:
Really not a fan of some of the choices in terms of people for multiple reasons but best of luck.
who and why is constructive


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Jun 2, 2016
yes we get it, but come on be constructive. they cant do anything if u dont voice concerns