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Executive Order #003 | Filling a Senate Vacancy


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Dec 7, 2015

Executive Order #003
Filling a Senate Vacancy

WHEREAS there are currently several vacancies within the Senate of San Andreas, such that a quorum of the Senate is impossible to meet; and

WHEREAS the Constitution of the State of San Andreas grants the Governor of San Andreas the ability to fill vacancies; and

WHEREAS Vincent McKinney has been made the Acting Governor due to the recent events surrounding the Governor, it is hereby stated:

SECTION 1. The Vacant seat for the District One senator shall be hereby filled by Adam Freeman.

SEC 2. Per the Constitution, this vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the current term.

SEC 3. Before Adam Freeman may fulfill his duties as a Senator, he shall be required to swear in within SEVEN DAYS of this Executive Order. The oath shall be administered by a representative of the Supreme Court of the State of San Andreas.

Signed by my hand,

Vincent McKinney
Acting Governor of San Andreas