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[Evans] Hakeem_Lewis ban appeal

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Nov 8, 2013
Master Account: Hakeem_Lewis
IG Name: Don't really remember all of them, it's been a while.
IG Level: 4
Admin who banned you: Evans, I believe.
Reason for ban: Armour hacking
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No. Definitely a real ban.
Admit to offense? (yes/no): Yes.
Other comments: This will probably make my fourth ban appeal. I understand the reason I was forum banned, and completely understand being banned in game. Just to clear up, the client I was using to hack in armor was an ultimate cheat menu, I could link you to it if needs be. I am hoping this appeal posting doesn't lead to another forum ban. I remember being told to wait three months after being banned on the game to post an appeal, of which I completely disregarded, trying to get myself out of punishment quickly. It's been three months now, and I believe I spent around a month forum banned. Of course, the client I used has been deleted now, if need for proof I'd do whatever would be wanted to prove this. If I were to be un-banned, which I have been told is pretty much not gonna happen, I would make it a point to definitely stay out of trouble, and avoiding breaking any server rules; which of course, would be expected. I want to apologize to the server owner, for bringing hacks into the server, and hacked items. I want to apologize to administrators, who have had to waste their time viewing my appeals. I apologize to Evans, for wasting all of this time of his posting appeals. I'd tell you about how much I've matured, but I feel that's a bit corny. Of course if I were to be un-banned, and commit any type of server offense again, I would agree to a permanent ban, and I would not come back, for sakes of the server of course. I've been following the server as much as I could, being banned from the forum, and I must say I'm extremely interested in all these new updates, and would love the opportunity to get back on and work with them! I want to thank you for working with me thus far, and appreciate your time, and hope to possibly see you on the server again soon!


Dec 28, 2012
#1210166 by Evans
Yesterday, 11:23 am
You can be unbanned off the forums but I wouldn't bother posting an in game ban appeal.

I'm not un-banning a hacker, feel free to post a ban appeal in 6 months.
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