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Elise Carter I Reinstatement


Jun 23, 2015


Section 1 - Personal Information
This section contains personal information about the application submitter. Please fill in everything required by the Management Team. All information here is stored privately and only accessed by the management team or higher when necessary.

Full Name: Elise Carter
Birthdate: 29/11/1992
Gender: Female

Contact Number: 1077081
Residential Address: Motel in Fort Carson - Room 22.

Criminal Record:

Identification Card (ID):


CV/Cover Letter (NOT REQUIRED):

Presenting a CV/Cover Letter is encouraged but it's not required. Failing to provide one will NOT disqualify you for a position within the SANews Network.

Section 2 - Questionnaire & Role Selection
Gathering of answers to the questionnaire takes place for the Management Team to get a grasp on the type of person the applicant is, and whether they are fit for the job.

What was your previous position within the SANews Network?: Reporter.

Why did you leave the SANews Network?: I have left SAN News Network due to constant changes in leadership. That situation didn't prove to be good grounds for learning and progressing in the SANN hierarchy. So, I have decided to leave the SANN until the situation stabilizes.

Why do you want to re-join the SANews Network?: Oh, I have to say that I always loved working for SANN, and due reasons mentioned above my stay in SANN was cut short. I want to give SANN another change as well as I want to receive another chance to prove my worth. After dealing with problems of the past I'm bound to do what I love... And that is being around people, with people, and for a people informing them of happenings in our small yet ever eventful Red County!

Please provide a sample broadcast OR sample article of no more than 150 words about ANY topic:

* San News Network weather jingle rolls in *
Host : Greetings, folks of three counties. I'm Elise Carter with the SANN news team bring you the weather forecast for today.
Host : We are expecting cool temperatures today with the lowest of 12 degrees Celsius and highest 16 degrees Celsius. It will be quite a cloudly day with precipitation above seventy percent... In other words, we have a high chance of rain today so it would be wise to bring an umbrella or raincoat. Rain won't clear until tomorrow morning.
Host : Tomorrow; After a wet morning we can expect clear and sunny weather in the afternoon hours. The temperature will rise to 19 degrees Celsius which in itself will be the highest temperature of the day. The afternoon will be perfect for an outside activities. So... We have something to look for in upcoming days.
Host : As always I have to warn all drivers to keep safety distance while driving under heavy rain today and during the night.
Host : That would be all from me for now. Stay tuned!

* San News Network weather jingle rolls in *

Section 3 - Out of Character
Gathering of out-of-character information takes place for the Management Team to get a feel for the applicant from an out-of-character stand point, but also to run a few more checks in terms of their potential for the job.

Age: 25.
Country & Timezone: Croatia +1

Master Account Name: MissCarter
Forum Name: MissCarter

Admin Record:

Character Level: 14.
Other Characters: 1
  • Elizabeth Crowley
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Section 4 - Finalizing

Additional Information:

Elise Carter
Date: 28/07/2020


Aug 21, 2010

Application Response

SANews Network News Station
Montgomery, Red County
San Andreas

Dear Applicant,

We thank you for your reinstatement request. At this point in time, we are pleased to inform you request has been accepted at the following rank: Reporter. Congratulations and welcome to the SANews Network team!

Once again, welcome to SANews Network. Please keep an eye out on your e-mails as we will be forwarding you more information shortly in order to commence your employment with us.


Eddie Moon
Chief Executive Officer