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El Quebrados Leyendas (Unoffical)

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Jan 9, 2010

The Story

It all started a warm summer in the year 1992. The man Skypo Feller did hire a new Cadet for the San Andreas Medical Service, His name was Alex McLovin,
Alex worked hard in the San Andreas Medical Service so Skypo did promote him to Captin.. but Alex only worked for the SAMS in 8 months. then he left for new job offer, The Police Department in Red County.
Alex worked day and night.. he was the first guy in the office in the mooring and the last to leave in the night.. he was always there.
One night when Alex was on patrol alone, He did see a old Burrito in Palomino Creek that was parked a bit wired so he went to check it out. The car was open. So he thought he would check if the car had any ownership papers. Nothing in the front.. So he did check the trunk. He dint find any ownership papers but he find Cocaine, a lot of Cocaine. Or White Gold they call it on the streets.
Alex did the thing he thought was best. He took all the Cocaine and put them in the trunk of the Police Rancher and in 20 minutes he was back on the road again. One his way to the Police Department he got very tired and thought to himself to try some cocaine, if it was real, he took a bit, and some more after that.. Until he was high as fuck and did smash the Rancher into a tree outside Dillimore.
When he came back to his sense. He did know how explain this accident to the others Officers on the PD. So he left all he had in Red County. His house and his friends and did drive as fast that he could to Bone County and further to El Quebrados where he did hide the Police Rancher at the Lost Pueblo and moved into a trailer park and there he was think what he should do with all his Cocaine. Then he got the idea that he would sell it, one packet at the time. He most off his clients was truckers passing by at drop off Gas at the Gas stations in El Quebrados when he had sold all the Cocaine he realize that he had made a lot of money on his little businesses.
He would now take all the money he had earned and start a big drug business. This time not only Cocaine. He would buy all the drugs he could from his favourite farmer in Red County and later sell them in Bone County.




1. The King
2. Drug Dealer
3. Street thug
4. Rookie

Faction HQ​

Faction Vehicles


Moonshine lab.

My favourite farmer on his secret warehouse.

Here is brother on the farm in Red County.

The Application:
I will find you in game if I think you will fit for this.

What is this gang about?

It will be a really serious gang.. We will do stuff like: drugs transportation, drug deals and of course have fights with other gangs to gain our respect. We will just be a drug gang.. So we don't need a lot of weapons or will DM. We are just here to make money and get whole San Andreas to use our drugs.. We will also do transports between Bone County and Red County by: car, plane, helicopter, boats and trucks.. So the PD can get ous[/center]<hr />


Jan 11, 2010
Like someone else said.. To many gangs at the moment.. Atleast your is a little better but I'm not supporting any as of now unless there really good.
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