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Dunwich Exploration Log


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Jan 6, 2010
Maryville, Tennessee
*Sound recorder clicks on*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Ahem, Good 'eh, this is Dr. Ian R. Burns, reporting on a good find I found wonder'n 'round. I have yet to go inside, but I hope y'all have a razzl'n good time listening to this!"

*Foot steps in gravel*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Oh, I almost forgot... The current date is... July 17, 2277."

*Foot steps in gravel*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Ah, I found a plack 'ere! The Dunwich build'n... Probably some PreWar company... Well, must have some interesting finds I must say!"

*Sound of a metal door opening*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Oh my, it's dark in 'ere!"

*Sound of a flashlight clicking on*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Dear lord! There are a lot of skeletons 'ere... Prewar I hope... Well I got the willies! Good bit of fun, but this place has a horrid stink... I will investigate that later, for now I am gonna find myself a Terminal..."

*Foot steps*

Dr. Ian Burns: "This place is just... Wierd... I got the willies... Good thing I got my good 'ol shottie 'eh?! Well just for the sake of research, I am still gonna talk... Even if this place... Makes... Me.... Wanna... Stop... Heh...."

*Heavy breathing*

Dr. Ian Burns "Well... It seems desolate... But looks can be ever wrong! I am gonna continue, as most of these terminals are broken... Fuck..."

*Sounds of light foot steps in the distance*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Seems I am not alone, but I don't mind... As long as it keeps away from me! HA!"

*Foot steps along with light foot steps in the distance*

Dr. Ian Burns: "I think it is following me... And it's getting darker in 'ere... Fuck what if coming in here was a bad idea... All there... is... is... skeletons... and... blood... Fuck, I knew this was a bad idea..."

*Foot steps along with light foot steps in the distance*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Show yourself ya coward!"

*Sound of the shotgun being pumped*

Dr. Ian Burns: "C'mon bitch!"

*Sound of light foot steps in the distance*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Where are ya! C'mon show yourself! I ain't scared of ya!"

*Sound of the recorder smashing against the ground*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Fuck! Where did it go!?"

*Sound of light foot steps tap faster and louder*

Dr. Ian Burns: "Where is it a-"

*Sound of the shotgun going off*

Dr. Ian Burns: "FUCK GET OFF! GET O-"

*Sound of a thud against the ground, heavy breathing... The tape cuts.*

(Random Idea, I was live broadcasting on TS but James Little told me to STFU. Anyhow, it is a bitch changed, and based off of FALLOUT 3, of the Dunwich building. I recently explored there and left early as it scared the shit out of me)