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Double Tap Gang


Sep 3, 2018

Looking back on what happened that day, it's bewildering and frightening and sickening to know that I did what I did without the thought of consequences or of the safety of all the innocent people in that busy intersection, the children walking home from schools that had just let out, the shoppers and couples and old folks out for a stroll on that beautiful afternoon. All I can say is I was oblivious; we all were. We lived in our own world, separate and superior we thought to the workaday world. We existed in a parallel universe, a different dimension from the legitimate slobs all around us. That’s what we called the squares, the ordinary working stiffs, the average Joes who lived quiet nervous lives because they didn’t have the balls to live large. Back then, Dom and Jackie and me, everybody in that Life, we saw ourselves as superheroes. We had special powers because we did something no legitimate slob ever dared do—we said fuck Death. We believed in life with no tomorrow. Once you decided you didn’t give a fuck about anything, that every day was your last day, you were set free. And all you can say to the ordinary mortals in the legitimate world was:
Look the fuck out.
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