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Apr 13, 2010
an undisclosed location, presumed CIA Blacksite. N
Actualy took the time to read the police report.
And allow me to answer to several mooks here.
Heinrich said:
I also wanted to state that this clear proof of how shitty the police over there is. They could have tazed him, hell, even use non-lethal bullets to pin him to the ground, but they had to fire live rounds at him? Six? These officers will be judged harshly by the almighty one.
The cop tried to taze him, but he charged the officer with a bayonet-knife as soon as he noticed the cop holstering his gun and going for his tazer. Forcing another officer on scene to shoot him.

MrAwesome said:
he grew violent because of his crisis. he definitely did not need to be shot
rip my man
Police report begs to differ.

jwp1ful said:
Goddamn fucking cops. Why kill someone that is having a mental health crisis like that? That's beyond low.
You mean, why kill someone that is charging a police officer with a knife, after being told to drop the knife he is carrying not once. Not twice. But 36. Yes, thirty-six. times.
I've done armed assignments myself, and if someone did that to me? I'd do the exact same thing. Mental health issues or not, at that point you're trying to kill me, and at that point I don't give a rats ass about wether or not the person charging me has issues or not.

Don't get me wrong, I'll never say he deserved to die. That's reserved for a very special kind of people. Toaster was not that kind of person. I loved what he did, and the brief periods I did interact with him were pretty chill.
But he signed his own death warrant the second he decided to go out and hurt/kill other people. The officer did his job. If he wasn't there, other people could and most probably WOULD have been killed.

Jul 4, 2017
I don't know who this dude was, or who you are, but believe me that he must've been a really great and close person, I've read it and it really touched me. I hope he rests in peace.
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