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[Discussion]The S.A.S.T members and DRIVING.


Jan 7, 2010
Lately people have whined about police either "non rp driving" or "running them over".

Well this is MOSTLY because we are either responding to a 911/backup call/code 0 and are in a hurry to arrive on scene before it gets worse.

Earlier today there were two units engaged in a pursuit with a SULTAN, as you know the sultan has a brilliant acceloration and top speed, either we try to match the speed and keep up, or we can lose them within 2 minutes.

I was across the street from the BB ammunation bus shelter in my cruiser, then a sultan smashes through the bus shelter and speeds through Blue Dynsaty parking, knocking my cruiser off, the next thing I know, there's two police cars speeding after the sultan, I flick my lights on and join the pursuit, but upon shooting the suspect down I see some bitching in /o from the people that were on the sidewalk I was talking to in /b. They were complaining about getting run over by the police and sultan, my simple argument, POLICE CHASES ARE NOT PRETTY.

In our eyes, we can either match their driving and keep up, eventually arresting them or we can drive along slowly and pass out donuts?

If you're just gonna post in this thread and go "BUT BUT BUT BUT ONCE A COP RUNNED ME OVER WHEN NOT IN CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" Get the fuck out and STAY the fuck out.

This is a civil discussion thread, NOT A WHINE THREAD.

Healthy, clean debate.

Troopers, please feel free to post a few videos of REAL police chases to prove our point.

But to conclude my point, I recorded this video myself a while back, but look at the chase, do you think I would have had any other option but to drive the way I did?



Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
Also people complain about the way that we're acting whilst on duty, perhaps these will make you see more clearly.

Also look out for how REAL cops sometimes drive during pursuits.







So yeah, don't moan at us.

Deadly force - Police chase


Onto the discussion part

In my earlier days when S.A.S.T was RCSD, me and Yass were usually the most active and would patrol together, often chases lead us off road and were quite all over the place, however that's not our fault, we're not leading the chase.

And if it doesn't look like we're chasing someone - It's not because we're just being idiots or non-rp driving, it's because as Yass said, we'll be responding to Code 0s or Code 3s or on the way to head off someone that's in pursuit to try and make things easier for all of our members.

It's hard to try and drive "sensible" if you're trying to catch someone/respond to a code 0/code 3 etc. We do what we do because we have to.