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Jan 6, 2010
Rotterdam, Netherlands
*You walk by your local general store notice a poster and decide to check it out*

Dear reader,

Yesterday Jacob Cadbury passed. The San Andreas Medical Service got a call from the San Andreas State Troopers that a suspect (Jacob Cadbury) got injured while resisting arrest. The SAMS got on the scene and helped Jacob. Jacob got in critic state and needed to be transported by the Helicopter to the Hospital. In the hospitl Jacob's heart stopped. The SAMS got his heart working again but later that day Jacob died because of internal bleeding and a heartattack. If you are a friend or anyhow know Jacob Cadbury he was brought to the Palamino Graveyard and his grave is located at that Graveyard. The SAMS likes to say to all people which knew Jacob that we did our best to save him.
Rest in Peace.

The San Andreas Medical Service.