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Diary Of Yurik Cherdenko

Yurik Cherdenko

No dates are present in this diary. ((1. cos i cba, 2. cos its fun to work it out for yourself :D ))

Entry 1:
I love our new farm on the outskirts of Volgodagrad! Me and Father and Mother are going to live happily forever here!

Entry 2:
Father went away with the bad men and next day mother hanged herself. I cannot run farm by myself, I am going to go to Volgodagrad to live with my Cousin.

Entry 3:
Me and Cousin signed up for military. What else can we do?

Entry 4:
On patrol in Leningrad found a homeless baby. Named him Mikhail and gave him to my Uncle who lives in Leningrad. He will take good care of him.

Entry 5:
The motherland are going to war. Being sent to Afghanistan tommorow. Cannot wait to serve country!

Entry 6:
Helicopter shot down by Guerillas, stuck in the desert. Good men dead. And what for? What is this war for? Will I even get back to fucking camp or will I die out here in this godforsaken country.

Entry 7:
At least I am alive and back at camp. I heard I am being transferred soon to the Ukraine.

Entry 8:
Pripyat is facsinating. The explosion of nuclear plant has made this land into hell and paradise at the same time. I would like to study this land someday.

Entry 9: Stuck in Pripyat Nursery after squad chased my wild dogs. Then some bandits attacked also. Lost some more good men due to them being badly equiped and trained. When will the motherland learn?

Entry 10:
Being sent to Germany. Ive always wanted to learn that language

Entry 11:
Now back to Afghanistan. Im tired of this bullshit.

Entry 12:
Suprise, suprise my helicopter has been shot down AGAIN. once again I am stuck in desert in this shitty raghead infested country. Why am I even here, what the fuck are we doing here?

Entry 13:
Me and cousin have had enough, taliban attacked killed many men once again. The motherland is collapsing. We are stealing a plane and leaving for Germany tonight.

Entry 14:
Currently flying with cousin plane to germany, west germany that is. I fancy some capitalist fucking riches as motherland has all gone to shit anyway.

Entry 15:
Arrested at airfield by these fucking cowboys that are called Americans.

Entry 16:
Well western jails are easy to escape from, seemed a little too easy. Cousin knows of a plane to America, we are going there to set up new life.

Entry 17:
Plane landed in Los Santos. Uncle Kamarov runs a small russian outfit we have heard, and we are going to join it.

Entry 18:
Uncle Kamarov and many men have not come back from docks, presumed dead. Me and cousin and baby Mikhail, who is now of course a young man are headed to red county to escape the heat is Los Santos. I hope life is better there than everywhere else I have been...


Jan 27, 2010
((Nice, I like the whole military Russian + flee to Germany to proceed to Amerika story you guys have))


(( read the story in our gang app, it will explain a lot about this, nice work-sorry for restricting you a bit lol ))


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Jan 9, 2010
(( Nice story. Are you good in history or did you justlook on google lol? ))