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May 8, 2015
Eugene Lanza
Eugene Lanza (Born 1967) is an Italian-American mobster who is currently a captain in the Las Venturas mob.

Eugene Lanza outside of the Fort Carson Courthouse, april 2013.


Lanza is the owner of a garage in Fort Carson, Las Venturas. He received his nickname "Hermit Lance", because he bathes in seclusion, spends most of his time inside and is least likely to be found attending to social events with his underworld cohorts. It is also alleged that Lanza controls the unions around Bone County and holds an administrative job at the waste management plant.

Lanza was a protégé of Thomas Scarsi. He received his button while Scarsi supposedly assumed the position of captain after Gerald Favia usurped the Las Venturas Mob, pushing Louis Maraugha off of his throne. According to sources, the induction happened on a sunny afternoon on the last day of June, when the four were spotted at the Yellow Bell country club in Rockshore. Lanza got made alongside his partner and nemesis Samuel Gerace.

MOBTALK reports that while Gerace and Lanza were seemingly getting along well, tensions were rising for a couple of weeks prior to Gerace assuming the position of captain. Some of Lanza's associates dissapeared and were found dead and Gerace lost a couple of his own in return. The most notable hit of this conflict is the one on Vincent Santarella, the longtime friend of Lanza was shot in front of the Cluckin Bell in Fort Carson. With Gerace's dissapearing after a conflict with a federal agent out by the Fort Carson bar, it is rumored that Lanza was bumped up to captain. Where this leaves Gerace is unknown as of now.

Union involvement

On the early hours of monday 16 september, the sanitation workers of the Bone County area laid down their work. They demanded higher wages and better benefits. Stirring up the crowds trough a megaphone was Lanza, the mobster in his fifties apparently controls the unions. The call for higher wages came unexpected as the wages and corresponding benefits for sanitation workers in the area are amongst the best in the state.
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