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Desert Eagle Refund


May 30, 2011
In-game name: Exo Easton
What did you lose?: 1x Desert Eagle
What caused you to lose this item?: I forgot about the Weapon Bug and logged out with my Desert Eagle after purchasing it.
Evidence: I have no screenshots. Only witnesses (Maybe they made screenshots?) which are the members of Vorovskoy Mir that were online during this deal.
Would you like the items refunded while you are offline? (If successful) Yes [X] No []
(Note: Only Weapons, Drugs & Materials can be refunded while you are offline also they will be saved in your inventory)
Additional information:I had a meeting with Vorovskoy Mir earlier today and during the meeting I bought two Desert Eagles from them. After the deal I decided to go and get my paycheck and logged off after that but forgot to store my weapon due to the weapon-bug. I just realised that I lost my weapon due to this bug. I hope that the members will be able to confirm this deal and possibly even have screenshots of it but it is no longer in my inventory or in any of my trucks and I hope that an exception can be made to check the logs (money transfer & weapon transfer seeing as I dont transfer these things a lot?) if no evidence shows up from Vorovskoy Mir. (Screenshot that it is no longer in my inventory or trunk)


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Mar 31, 2013
United Kingdom

The refund appeal was unsuccessful.
Your item(s) will not be returned to your account, and you will have to repurchase or reacquire any of the items which you lost.

Reason/Details: Lack of evidence.