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Desert Black Market (( Un - Official ))

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Jan 26, 2010
In the Best RP server((RCRP))

What is this?

Desert Black Market is faction what deals weapons , drugs and some cars, we can buy your cars, if you dont need it anymore, but not nothing walton stuff. We hang in El Quebrados and look something to do. So if you need some car or weapons you can propably find someone us in the Montgomery Meat Factory.

Ranks & Members
Allies & Enemies (* Half Done *)


One clear Shot

It was cold and snowy weather, I walked alone avenue in Liberty City... There was nobody outside, just me. There was strong wind and I hate wind, but why was I outside walking on alone avenue? Because I need to do some dirty job for my boss,---. Finally I get inside the target house, a big mansion.
I took off my jacket and gloves, then I pull out my Desert Eagle and start walking to the living room. My target sits there and watches TV, easy job I thought. I reload my weapon and put silencer in it. Then I walk to the living room and aim my Deagle to his neck and shot one clear shot.
I walk back to dress my jacket and gloves and left the door. About 20 minutes later place is full of police officers , nobody couldn't suspect me, and that was very good for me.

Falling down

Two and half years later I drive my black Sentinel and someone was speeding and hit my car, then my car starts spinning and hit to a big tree. I was so confused and I didn't know what what happened there. I came out of my car and pulled out my Desert Eagle, reload it and started firing the guy who hit my car,
I was so angry, people was so scared and run away on the streets, people were shouting, they were never seen nothing like that. Polices arrived there and Shouted: Freeze, or we will shoot! I was so confused by that situation so I just stand on my feets and police hit me and I fell down to the ground,
they take me to the policecar and take me to the Liberty City county jail. I got six years jailtime for shooting. I learned to fight and defend myself, I founded a new prisongang and start fight with people.

Next step, moving to San Andreas

When I got out of jail, I moved to San Andreas. I lived few years in San Fierro and I moved to Red County, Montgomery, I'll tried to get a job and I found some armsdealer and he offered me some kind job, armsdealing. I dealt guns six months, when I started to scare of getting caught again. So I started do legal jobs, taxi drivin, cleaning, etc.
One day when I was cleaning the dumpsters I found illegal weapon, revolver, I thought a minute and I took it in my hand and hid it in my pants. I started robbing people and meeting criminals and do everything illegal. I started dealing guns again and I got lot of money, ten thousands of cash.I bought new house and fast car, I have still a lot of money...
I didn't know what I would do with my money. Few years later I founded a loan company, it was good company, but one day some mafias came in my business and start aiming me with their guns, I got my old revolver from my pants and started shooting, it was real gangwar. When I killed those mafia members I hid them in my dumpster. Almost every week some mafias drive-by shoot to my business,
but I keep myself strong and fight back until they leave me alone. I started keeping illegal poker games in my backroom, after one year I moved again... To the El Quebrados, local drug dealers ostracized me, because I was new in town, but I showed my positon by robbing the El Quebrados bank. People started to respect me. I made guns to dealers, and myself too,
I got a nice house in the centrum and 3 fast cool cars. I live perfect life, but...

Pay or die

...Those mafias was planning to kill me, my friends are in that same scheme too, so I escaped from El Quebrados, I lived three months in a motel, until I found my own house. Finally I found house and I bought it and moved in it. So I lived in Las payasadas and I was running away from mafia.


So I moved to Las Payasadas as I ran away from the mafias, but they didn't know where I lived and I hoped they couldn't find me. But then I made solution for it, I pay for the mafias. So I arranged meeting with those mafias at the old airport. I waited there, finally I saw dark grey Admiral... There they arrive. Mafias turned engine off and four guys stepped out of the vehicle, I take the cash in my hand and show them to the mafias, "looks great, two and half million dollars" that was good, they took the cash and left in the place. I got still millions... ...So what now? I found new faction called "Desert Black Market".​


Every DBM member is to live by these rules, or die breaking these rules.

1. Give your life to you boss, never question his command and ALWAYS follow his order, the 1st priority in a shootout, is to protect him.

2. Blood in blood out, once you are a member of the family, you swear your loyalty & the only way to leave the mobs is through death

3. Never snitch or be a MOLE

4. Mever make fatal decisions without the boss present, e.g no gang truces, no declaring gang war, only boss and every wiseman can speak for the men.

5. Respect your rank and know your place, follow orders of higher ranking members & never give orders 2 members higher then yourself.

6. Never let anyone into our hideout & gang hq or show them were it is.

8. Never go around the city or to a meeting alone, always have at least 2 members with you to avoid dumb thing like kidnappings.

9. Never give out ANY info about the gang

10. If outnumbered, or surrounded by police do not shoot back or ask for backup from other members & risk their lives, just get out of there and talk to your wiseman.

11. Do not start a problem outside without your wiseman or the boss order

12. Never hold guns and be a crazy man in the streets, ex : Playing at house roof with shotgun or pistol ! You have provided cafe to hangout

13. Never fight with your own family, inside problems will be fixed by you wiseman and if the problem get serious The Boss will fixed that !

OOC Rules

You must listen to the boss and your wiseman at all times, if I tell you not to shoot, or if I tell you not to start a fight, then you pay attention and follow orders and trust it is in the best interests of the gang.

6. Sandman:

Michico Mirataka (deceased)
Tanga Kayo - Left The County

5. Sanchez:

Danearl Anasco
Clief Summers
Jake Stevens

4. Magruila:

Curtis Jayshak
Erliane Mirata (( Michoko ))

3. Crus:

Donnie Kentworth

2. Mache :

Randy Johnsson = BANNED
Eric Hill
Louis Hagan
Tony Thompson
Teodor Penv
Frank Pibrani
Jack Donahue

1. Montrel (( Testing/Improving real RP skills )):

Mahadam [Something]
Steve Torez -
Jeff Salihamidzich -

0. Sherco (Outside assistant)

Deads / Kick

Carol Johnsson.
Ray Allan
Ivo Jonhson (deceased)
Armando Montanio (deaceased)
Javier Montanio (deceased)


Warning List

#1. -
#2. -


#1. -Carol Johnsson - (DEAD)
#2. -


Copy this and PM it to me.


[color=black][b]Contact Number:[/b] [/color]
[color=black][b]What can you do for us?[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Why you wana Join?[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Can we trust you?[/b][/color]

[color=black][b]Give me 5 rules of RCRP[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Give me 2 Forum Rules of RCRP[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Give me 3 Rules of DBM[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Can you follow this rules?[/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Can you RP all the time?[/b][/color]

Someone Breaking Rules?

You can make a complaint in the general complaints-section or if you want to inform this leader about his members, then you can post here.

[color=black][size=18][b]Complaint a member of the Desert Black Market[/b][/size][/color]

Your name:
Their name:
Rule Broken:
Re-count of situation/description:
Other Comments:
Credits for this code goes to Yass and thanks to Cruzito



To Prove Its our

Dealing Place

People thinks we sell meat , but they didn't know we sell guns

My Office

Here we create Guns and Drugs


To prove its ours

Allies ¤ Neutrals ¤ Enemies


14k Triads
Estonia Mafia
Red Straps


Blue Dynasty


El Vato Locos

To All Customer

We Are Closed for today

Prizes of weapons:

<table border="1"><tr><td align="left">Sold Out</td><td align="left">Guns</td><td align="left">Materials</td><td align="left">Price</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">9.mm</td><td align="left">-150</td><td align="left">5,500$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">Desert Eagle</td><td align="left">-400</td><td align="left">11,000$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">AK-47</td><td align="left">-850</td><td align="left">25,000$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">MP5</td><td align="left">-500</td><td align="left">13,000$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">ShotGun</td><td align="left">-500</td><td align="left">10,000$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">Country Rifle</td><td align="left">-700</td><td align="left">17,000$</td></tr></table>

Prizes of Drugs

<table border="1"><tr><td align="left">Sold Out</td><td align="left">Drugs</td><td align="left">Price</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">Weed</td><td align="left">250$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">Cocaine</td><td align="left">325$</td></tr><tr><td align="left">SOLD</td><td align="left">Moonshines</td><td align="left">250$</td></tr></table>

Prizes of vehicles:


(( The IC Process of making guns and drugs ))

Making Guns

1.Here we put mats .
2.The Machine do its job.
3.The Gun is created.
4.The Machine hide the guns through the meat.
5.It is now hidden in meat.
6.Then we pack it up, And ready to deliver

Making Drugs

1.Here we put the harvested drugs.
2.The Machine do its job,Making it high.
3.Its now done , time to Testing
4.The Machine pack it in small package
5.its now pack up , wait till its ready ...

Then , when its pack up we put it all in storage room.


DBM ModPack

Download: Soon


Dude your turf ain't Las Payasadas EVL took that city if you don't remember we killed your leader too.


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Apr 14, 2010
Yeah remove it.. our HQ is Temporary in my house, but we are going to take another HQ.
BTW, we have alot of members, tanga will update the post tomorrow.


Armando said:
Yeah remove it.. our HQ is Temporary in my house, but we are going to take Las Payasdas back.
BTW, we have alot of members, tanga will update the post tomorrow.
Good luck with that :evil:


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Apr 14, 2010
We are going to another hq... and we are going to ghost town today and then we will take another hq, so shut up about our temproray hq.


Feb 26, 2010
Armando said:
We are going to las payasdas to take it back... and we are going to ghost town today and then we will take Las payasdas, so shut up about our temproray hq.

Be quiet about your plannings.
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