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[DENIED]Clifford McCandless - SANews Network Application

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Jan 31, 2015

Application Submission

Section 1 - Personal Information
This section contains personal information about the application submitter. Please fill in everything required by the Management Team. All information here is stored privately and only accessed by the management team or higher when necessary.

Full Name: Clifford McCandless
Birthdate: 11/04/1990
Gender: Male

Contact Number: 1126240
Residential Address: The Western Star Hotel,,Montgomery

Criminal Record: https://forum.redcountyrp.com/threads/clifford-mccandless-criminal-record-request.196593/
Please request a criminal record by going to this website: LINK

Identification Card (ID):

Type /license in-game and upload the screenshot to a image-sharing site like Imgur.

CV/Cover Letter (NOT REQUIRED):

Presenting a CV/Cover Letter is encouraged but it's not required. Failing to provide one will NOT disqualify you for a position within the SANews Network.

Section 2 - Questionnaire & Role Selection
Gathering of answers to the questionnaire takes place for the Management Team to get a grasp on the type of person the applicant is, and whether they are fit for the job.

Do you have previous experience within this field?: No

Why do you want to join the SANews Network?: I think that SANews Network a good job field to improve myself and that field way to show my skill on people: I have good photoshop knowledge for design which is event's billboard and cover.Then My father everytime said me "If you wanna a big man, first you learn how survive on life"" and this speech showed me, i need to show everyone what i can do and how be good person for humanity.. thats way, i want to this job.

Please provide a sample broadcast (if chose Broadcaster) OR sample article (if chose Journalist) of no more than 150 words about ANY topic:

for journal:
Because of increasing tax prices, community of montgomery come together in town.People want to reaction with show card and motto but then sheriff department dont allow for this demonstraion and holding people with power the while a lot of demonstrator injured.People want to solve this problem as soon as possible.Follow us to progress!

Section 3 - Out of Character
Gathering of out-of-character information takes place for the Management Team to get a feel for the applicant from an out-of-character stand point, but also to run a few more checks in terms of their potential for the job.

Age: 20
Country & Timezone: Turkey,GMT+3:00

Master Account Name: Answer
Forum Name: Tyga

Admin Record: https://i.hizliresim.com/bo4Tbx.png

Character Level: 4
Other Characters:
  • Corry Rankins

Section 4 - Finalizing

Additional Information:N/A




Feb 8, 2018
((The applications currently are on hold until all the new changes are set forth for the new faction. Thank you for showing your interest for SANN. However, you application will not be considered until everything has fallen into place accordingly. I'll reach out to you once everything is up and running.))


Feb 8, 2018

Application Response

County Post HQ
Montgomery, Red County
San Andreas

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing your interest in applying for a career within County Post. We regret to inform you that at this stage, we have decided to reject your application to join the County Post.

The reason/s for denying your application are as follows:

  • Grammatical issues found throughout the application.
  • Article lacked basic grammar and creativity

We review each and every application we receive thoroughly and take our recruitment process to be one of the best. When reviewing an application, we look at numerous factors to decide whether or not someone will fit suitably within our team. Sometimes, we are working towards hiring a certain demographic to ensure our team remains diverse. At other times, we are looking at applicants solely based on merit. All of these factors come into play, and it's not a decision we take lightly.

While on this occasion you have been unsuccessful, we do invite you to reapply after one month. Submitting another application within this time-frame without explicit consent from a member of the County Post' Executive Team will result in your name being added to our blacklist.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Management Team and we would be more than happy to discuss your outcome more in-depth.


Samuel Paxton
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