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Death of Moskri Luciano..


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Jan 22, 2010
Las Vegas
Moskri Luciano has been killed by some kind of hired hitman..As we know for now he was shoot one time in the head..We can say that it is a skilled shooter and probably hired by some Italian mafia from Liberty City.He was found at his house laying on the bad all covered in blood.. His son Giovanni Luciano recived a message from Antonio Luciano known as Tony about the death of his father.. As we know now Giovanni is on his way to Red County.. Antonio will stay in Liberty City for now.. Untill things get better.. He thinks he is in danger too..Moskri Luciano was not that good and trusted in Liberty City. That is the reason he moved here in Red County.. He backstabbed some of known Italian Families.The word was that they are going to kill him so he moved to Red County to be with his two cousins Antonio and Lucky..Tony knew that something is not going well about him..Moskri told Antonio about the problem so that is one of the reasons he went to Liberty City..Antonio called Moskri and told him that there is nothing he can do and that he need to go somewhere else or to hide becouse they know where he is..Moskri didnt listen to him.. It is very sad about Moskri Luciano who was a very loyal and very good cousin of Antonio and Lucky.. Giovanni said that this is not over and that he will have his revenge on who ever did this to his father.. Rest in peace Moskri Luciano..


** Sallieri turns on their SONY TV , and hears the news reporter as he says the things..**
Sallieri : What the?! What's going on around here!?!
** Sallieri looks a little mad **
Sallieri : I knew the guy... fuck... He was my partner ... First my cousin Jhonny , then Moskri , who's next?!
** Sallieri turns off their TV , leaves their house , and goes speeding off in their Tan Premier ...**