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Dear Residents of Red & Bone County


Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland

The San Andreas State Troopers now have the ability to ticket all illegally parked vehicles. There will be certain variations in prices depending on how badly the vehicle is parked & where the vehicle is parked. Vehicles will receive the maximum fine of one thousand dollars if their vehicle is endangering other civilians by its parking position for example: Parked in front of fire exits, in the middle of the road etc. Any vehicle illegally parked upon side walks etc will receive a notice between $300-$500.

The San Andreas State Troopers Traffic "Cops" are now actively handling the illegally parked vehicles situation and this hopefully will bring a stop to the overloading of vehicles parked in areas where they shouldn't be. All ready many vehicles in the BlueBerry area have been dealt with by the Traffic Cops.


+ Vehicle Parked in Public Places (Parks, Trucking Co, Gas Station etc) - $500 Fine.
+ Vehicle Parked on Side walk - $300 Fine.
+ Vehicle Parked on Road and or blocking areas - $1000 fine.

Park wisely