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Cyberattack Spree Ended, Offender Arrested | County Press


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Oct 21, 2017

Cyberattack Spree Ended, Offender Arrested

By Ronald Fowler • Editor Charlie Willis
Published July 9, 2019

Edward Park, attending the RCTV broadcast

On the 28th of June, now known serial hacker Owen Webster was caught by local authorities after his most recent cyberattack on the Fort Carson Bank. It is strongly believed that Webster was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics during the said attack, which caused him to forget the measures he took to conceal his identity before acting. Taken by surprise in his home, 7 Robada Ranch, he tossed a ceramic vase at breaching SWAT operators to "cover" his retreat. He left the house through a window and began sprinting for his freedom. Despite his attempts to outrun the authorities, he was caught after approximately two minutes of constant running. Owen knew what he was doing all along. Many locals fell victim to Webster as a consequence of their own negligence with their private information. Their bank accounts were more vulnerable than ever upon being exposed to Owen, who could take what he desired with only his computer. At the time of his arrest, Owen had taken $100,000 from his victims. During interrogation, Owen admitted to many other offenses, including ATM skimming and breaching of personal information. After admitting to his doings, Webster was sentenced to three years imprisonment with right of parole, a seemingly lenient penalty for his crimes. Owen is currently situated in the county jail, serving his punishment.

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