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Correctional Services Unit - Recruitment Information


Oct 12, 2017
Dillimore Police Department


San Andreas State Police Correctional Services Unit - Introduction

  • The San Andreas State Police Correctional Services Unit is a division within the Field Services Bureau. It is managed by the Director of Correctional Service Operations and supported by the Deputy Director of Correctional Services Operations. The day-to-day running is managed by Level 1 and Level 2 CO Supervisors who are full-time State Troopers within the State Police. Correctional Officers are recruited from civilian applicants and make up the backbone of the unit.

    All external applicants (external: those who are not currently employed as a State Trooper within the San Andreas State Police) are required to enter as a Probationary Correctional Officer. Candidates are required to complete a training card within a specific time frame (usually within two weeks of employment). After the training card is completed, a graduation ceremony will take place depending on the amount of successful candidates.

    The primary mission of the Correctional Services Unit is to maintain a lawful order within the Green Palms Correctional Facility.

    More detailed information and link to recruitment section: https://sasp.redcountyrp.com/viewforum.php?f=389

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Correctional Officers
    • Maintain a lawful order within the Green Palms Correctional Facility.
    • Processing inmates from incoming Troopers and other law enforcement agencies when available.
    • Providing around the clock security and defense to the Green Palms Correctional Facility.
    • Monitoring and adhering to the Correctional Officer handbook policies and procedures at all times.
    • Representing The San Andreas State Police and Correctional Services Unit in a positive light at all times.
    • Maintaining a mature and professional attitude and wearing the correct attire at all times.
    • Respectful and courteous of inmates, colleagues (both internal and external agency) and visitors at all times.

  • Correctional Officer Supervisors
    • Being the point of contact for Correctional Officers on shift.
    • Liaising with on-duty SASP supervisors and senior command members.
    • Responsible for the processing of incoming applications and training of new CO's.
    • Handling any incidents in an appropriate and efficient manner.
    • Resolving any internal or assisting with external complaints in a timely manner.

Requirements for Employment

  • Applicants are required to be at least 21 years of age at the time of applying and have an appropriate level of fitness.
  • Must possess a GVL-1 license and be prepared to acquire a GVL-2 for inmate transport purposes.
  • Must be capable of operating under extreme pressure especially in events of a violent atmosphere.
  • Must show a great deal of commitment and dedication to your role and the department you represent.
  • Must not be involved in any kind of criminal or gang activity.
  • A solid range of problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledgeable of the Penal Code as you will have the responsibility of confirming charges at the point of inmate processing and capable of raising concerns with the arresting trooper in a professional manner, if you believe the charge listed is incorrect.
  • A clean criminal record with exception to citations for speeding or parking tickets.
  • A fixed residence and no outstanding debts.

((Your character must be at least Level 3 and you should be proficient in speaking, writing and understanding the English language. You should be comfortable with the activity requirements expected of you (at least one duty report per 7 days of at least an hour) and capable of taking orders from superiors. You must also be comfortable working with a range of people from all different backgrounds with different interests.))

If you are unable to dedicate enough time to the unit, your position will be reevaluated and you may be at risk of being discharged at any time. If under any circumstances that you cannot uphold the activity required of you, you are asked to speak to a supervisor and/or submit a resignation as to avoid being dishonorably discharged for inactivity as this may tarnish any future attempts to rejoin the unit or apply for the San Andreas State Police as a State Trooper.

(( You must understand that Correctional Command Team can In Character and Out of Character remove you from the faction at any given time for any given reason. ))

Recruitment and Training Process

Application Stage:
  • This is when you initially submit your application. Your application will be checked for any grammar and spelling mistakes. The application will also be checked to ensure that everything you have provided is truthful, which will include a background check. If mistakes are found, the recruitment officer may ask you to fix the issue(s); this is rare and will usually initially result in a declined application.
  • Your whole application will be looked at the answers that you have provided in the application and will be the deciding factor on whether you advance to the next stage of the Recruitment Process.
Interview Stage:
  • If the application handler decides to accept your application, you will be invited to an interview within the next 48 hours. Prepare yourself and make sure that you dress accordingly. Arrive at the interview a few minutes early to ensure that you're on time. The primary interview location is at the Dillimore Police Department and you will be interviewed by a senior supervisor within the Correctional Services Unit.
  • The recruitment officer will then evaluate your interview and decide if you make a good fit for the team.
Fitness Test:
  • If the Recruitment officer handling your interview decides your interview met the criteria set by the department, then you will be invited back to the Dillimore Police Department for a Fitness Test. This will simply test your endurance, stamina, strength, and resilience.
  • Please ensure you come dressed appropriately.
Correctional Training:
  • If you pass all three sections above, a Recruitment officer will then instruct you to schedule date and time to begin your training stage within the San Andreas State Police Correctional Services unit. If, for some reason, you cannot schedule date and time feel free to call our non emergency hotline and request a CSU Supervisor.
  • Upon attending your first training session, you will take part in basic orientation, as well as essential key items to your success in the State Police Correctional Services unit.
  • After your orientation and induction, you will be assigned to a supervisor who will be your mentor throughout your probationary stage. You should always be partnered as you will be in the field with real inmates. Your mentor will tick off your training card which is expected to be completed within two weeks.
  • After completing and passing the probationary stage you will be given an examination. If you pass this, you will graduate as a Correctional Officer for the San Andreas State Police. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given the opportunity to re-apply for the next batch. Your mentor will go over your exam with you after you have completed it and it has been marked as to go over any areas that you may have had trouble with.
  • You are expected to be extremely active within the probationary stage. Anyone inactive and showing a lack of interest in the process will be removed.

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