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Complaint on Tyrone Clark by S. Murphy and N. Walker

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Jul 10, 2013
The Milky Way
Your master account: TheRemnage
Your character: Nathaniel_Walker
Their name(s): Tyrone_Clark
Offense: Forcecrash
Re-count of situation/description: Tyrone Clark was our prime suspect at that time as he kept evading all the time and kept getting away. Seeing as we were few on units we couldn't change into faster police vehicles (HSIU), which is why we decided to do it tactically. We saw him in Montgomery and followed him to Montgomery View, where we drove casually before blocking his front and back, unabling him from evading right away.

We then disabled his tires but as he kept trying to flee and push away our cruisers we disabled his engine. We then took out our tasers and shouted at him to get out. As we were waiting to get out he knew he had no other option and thus forcecrashed. We decided to wait for a few minutes, because it might've been legit, but as he didn't log back on we decided to file this complaint.

Witnesses: Sean Murphy

Additional information: More evidence will be provided if needed by Sean Murphy.
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