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Complaint on Katie Nixon

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Mar 16, 2012
Your master account: Smajk
Your character: Richard Hill
Their name(s): Katie Nixon
Offense: Bunnyhoping, PGing, not Rping injuries of a taser, trolling around.
Re-count of situation/description: I first met KATIE when I was watching a scene on my SASP account. She began by running through a closed off investigation which led me to arrest her. Although (as seen on the screenshots) she failed to RP my action and just ran away without any RP whatsoever.

The next time I saw her driving around normally, I attempted to pull her over on her PCJ-600 but she refused to follow my orders ICly. A pursuit was issued and mid-way she drove up the staircase in Monty which I find quite unrealistic.

The last incident I had was when I tried to arrest her (All of this happened during the same day!). We had a pursuit with her green boxville and we succeeded to box her in. Later on, she bunnyhoped to her Monty park where we tazed her. When she was tazed, she ignored to RP the injuries and ran back to a Huntley in order to refrain from RPing with us.

Witnesses: Richard Winters, Chris Murphy
Evidence: http://imgur.com/Wlm85LH,ujdsr6N,DOa3Ct ... dc,rBbQPpk

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Retired Admin
May 23, 2012
Portsmouth, England

The complaint was successful!
Action will be taken against the player in question, and hopefully the problem will not persist.

Action Taken: Ban
Length: 8 Days
Reason/Details: I have seen similar behaviour from you first hand, and it is not acceptable. Please read up on some RP guides during your time away from the server.
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