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Complaint on Josh_Ward

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Feb 2, 2014
Deventer Overijssel, the Netherlands
Your master account: Canazboy
Your character: Harris_Coleman
Their name(s): Josh_Ward
Offense: General non RP.
Re-count of situation/description: As I'm driving from Palomino Creek going towards Monty on route 48, I stumble upon a random sweeper, as I was hitting the brakes to tell him to drive it back, we crashed (minor).
So I was about to RP beating this guy up (ADMC.. you know), so I noticed he didn't RP his fear, which I told him in /do...
His reply was, I have no fear.
Witnesses: -
Additional information: Player has been notified.
Other Comments: Thanks for the time.


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Jun 14, 2014
I would like to write on my behalf, First of all i was jogging to Montgomery and it began to rain so on the way i fount a sweeper so i go in it. I was going to return it but on the way Harris_Colemon was speeding and went strait into the back of me. I stopped and was typing /do You would see a smashed windown and a huge dent when he just drove back and got out and said 'do you know who i am' 'mother fucker' He didn't roleplay the accident as before i could he said you are not RPing fear but at ths time i was about to type that he hasnt RPed the accident on his car. He then said he is reportng me for no fear when i RPed showing i have no fear. Then he sad your getting reported for driving thee sweeper when i had sad im returning it. Overall if anyone did anything wrong he has for speeding, crashing into me without RPing actions. It seems i was in the wrong for driving the sweeper but i honestly was returning it.
Not open for further replies.