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[CL] RC-RP v2.0a R6


Dec 4, 2010
v2.0a R5

○ Rescripted Aperture and re-added most of their commands.
○ Re-added the Donator OOC chat with proper moderation commands for administrators.
○ Rework a majority of the vehicle system in an attempt to fix most of the bugs.
○ Fixed a duplicated door at Axiom's HQ.
○ Removed a random vehicle entrance point at the Fort Carson Mall.
v2.0a R6
○ Changed the FBI garage to a new interior.
○ Adjusted the spawn of two server vehicles in Hampton Barns as they conflicted with a few homes.
○ Adjusted /ac to send split messages instead of a message on a single line.
○ Fixed a bug where administrators could not see the /afrespawn confirmation messages.
○ Fixed a bug where any player could see the department radio when Aperture used it
○ Fixed a bug where /vest could not be used by any faction.
○ Re-added /cage to Lilly's Club.
○ Re-added the automated /me for when players use /mask.
○ Re-added the "a nearby player is now AFK" message when players use /afk
○ Added a /enter point for the Axiom's offices.
○ Fixed a bug where /togdooc status would not clear when a player disconnected and get would carried over to new players who took their ID.
○ Added /doocmute for Administrators
○ Renamed DNS to Aperture in multiple script messages.
○ Updated some of the miscellaneous mapping in Montgomery to reduce the amount of objects and clutter.
○ Added /find for Aperture.
○ Aperture no longer lose their weapons upon being sent to the hospital.
○ Re-organized Aperture and FBI's /weapons commands.
○ Adjusted the /exit point for SAN's garage to make it easier to leave
○ Added proper color descriptions for color IDs 127-255 when using /spray.
○ Removed a floating pickup where the prison used to be.
○ Added a pickup for the entrance of the current prison.
○ Lowered the player slots to 100.

Bugs may be reported in the "Bug Reports" board.