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[CL] RC-RP UCP v2.2


Dec 4, 2010
Red County Roleplay User Control Panel v2.2
  • General
    • Updated Laravel to version 4.2.
    • The old support system located at http://redcountyrp.com/support has now been closed, and is no longer used.
    • Added an API system. Users with api keys can get info about factions and the members in a faction. Documenation is available here: http://docs.rcrp.apiary.io
      In order to get an api key, please open a support ticket.
    • You can now see if your friends are online through the UCP by going to the "Friends" page. A green name indicates that they are online.
    • Inactive support tickets will now get closed automatically.
    • Ability to transfer donator vehicles.

  • Admin Control Panel:
    • Master Account additions - Management members can now set the admin and tester level of an account.
    • Dynamic FAQ - Head Administrators and Developers can now edit the FAQ page.
    • Changed the admin log, so it now shows a 1000 results instead of 50.
    • Dynamic Quiz Questions - Head Administrators can now add and delete quiz questions within the Administrative Control Panel.
    • The ACP dashboard now displays detailed graphs over quiz attempts, applications submitted and amount of new registrations.
    • Ability to restart the server from the ACP.

  • Faction MDC:
    • The base of the Mobile Data Computer has been started, currently only DoC's MDC is released.
      • DoC MDC:
        • Supervised release database. System for adding reports about parolees.
        • Inmate database. System for writing intake reports.
        • Ability to write visitation reports.
        • Ability to create official notes.
        • Ability to search for names etc, and see parking tickets, fines and offenses.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where you could add yourself as a friend.
    • Fixed a bug where you wasn't able to edit your own sub rank on the Faction Center.
    • Fixed a bug where pushover notifications weren't sending using our custom notify function.
    • Fixed a bug where upon temp denying or denying an application the admin would be sent to a 404 page.
    • Fixed a bug with an incorrect link on the homepage.
    • Fixed a bug where the changelog dropdown in the menu would be "behind" the slider on the front page.
    • Fixed a bug where you would get a 500 - Internal Server Error message when trying to punish someone without character accounts (ACP).
    • Fixed a bug where row breaks in support tickets weren't displayed properly.
    • As usual, many more bug fixes and patches.
Bugs may be reported in the "UCP Bug Reports" board. (Bug Report Format)