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Born to be Hippie. ((Niels Stumpf AKA ''The Dude'' story))

Feb 9, 2010
Bone County Las Payasadas And Barancas
Some hippies are relaxing on a farm making music with guitars and smoking weed when one says:''we gotto sell this stuff dudes, but handle in peace 'eh..''.
That was the start of a BIG hippie flooded weed farm!
This hippies are well known of their so named :''Green Peace route''.
They always roam around Red County each day, looking for clients..
This Dudes leaded by the hippie called: ''The Magictouch'' , were making alot of money by selling their marihuana with their Camper full of sacks filled with weed.
There was another hippie called: ''The Dude'', he did a great job selling his daily amouth of weed and he did one BIG deal.
He sold a whole boat full of weed to a rich client in Mexico, this was the best deal the dudes ever done .
*The dude: We are millionairs dudes!''
*cheering hippie crowd*
But then......
There came one day....

*The dude: Magictouch !! whats happening!!
*4 bullet holes in his stomach*
*The dude: what dude did this?
*[low]The Magictouch : Make love not war! dont forget to live in peace! i did my job, my life is done..bye..
*The Dude Kneels down and starts crying saying : ''How can people be so unpeacefull?''.
After The MagicTouch died, the dude started leading the hippie gang.
Business gone bad and alot of hippies moved to another farm to work as farmer.

years are gone and The Dude is 56 years old...
the dudes split up... they don't exist anymore..
In the mean time The Dude met a guy named Alex Mclovin.
The man looked like a biker.
the dude walked to Alex saying : '' i can help you make lots of money''
Alex seems to be intrested and listens to what The Dude has to say.
The dude talks for a hour then they all go home.

2 days are gone The Dude heard nothing of Alex anymore...
Till his phone rings....
*the dude: hello ?
*a voice on the phone : Hey dude this is Alex Mclovin, i'm calling about that Green Peace thing you told me about 2 days ago.
*The Dude : Okay keep talking *smiles*
Alex: well , i talked with the guys and we do need a dealer for the gang, Come to my bar and we will see....come at 12 PM

The dude was going to the bar at midnight as Alex asked him..
The Dude had a long talk with Alex...
Alex: Seems good , hmmm, you in!
The dude looks happy and shakes hand with Alex.

The Dude: I will go move to Dillimore and take my weed storage in my camper.
Alex: Do that.

The Dude was happy and looked at a picture of him sitting next to The MagicTouch and the hippie gang...

2 years were gone....
The Dude was a real Dillimore Bastard and was selling drugs all day.
He bought a big camper called a ''journey'' , he made bigger trips and also delivered Bone County custumors drugs, his ''journey'' was full loaded with sacks marihuana not liftable by one man.

a month later...
The Dude heard a rumor that the killer of ''The MagicTouch'' stayed in Blueberry.
It was a police officer called Gerson Fernandes.

*The Dude: Listen i don't like to kill but i have to do this.
*Alex Mclovin : Sure i will help you find that pig.
Alex and The Dude and some more bikers were heading to Blueberry.
His Brother : ''The LoveFire'' was in town and ran to The Dude.
He was also in the Hippie drugdeal gang.
*Lovefire: Dude! Dude! i know where the killer of magictouch stays!
*Alex : Tell us , and who is this?
*The Dude : This is my brother LoveFire.
*LoveFire : Alright! he's near a scrapyard, giving tickets to those who drive too fast , dude!
*Alex: Let us handle this.
The Dude and Alex arrived at the scrapyard and it was true he really was giving tickets.
The Dude and Alex were hiding behind a wooden fence.
The Dude and Alex had a Desert Eagle.
*The Dude : I dont know Alex if i can do this...
*Alex: You know what they did to your old leader!
*The Dude : yeah they have to pay so i can live in peace!
*Alex: I count to three.

The Dude and Alex jumped over the fence and started shooting two officer gave him backup the two officer died really quick.
*The Dude : We hit him!
*Alex : He's not dead yet put him in the camper!
The Dude and Alex put officer Fernandes in the camper and The Dude drove off.
The Dude stopped at the Palamino Creek fishing place.
They got out of the car, took the man (thats still living) out and drag him to the boat.
They were in the middle of the lake now , they throwed the body overboard and looked at it.
*The Dude : It's over now...
*Alex : Yes it is...