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Jan 8, 2010

Who are they?

Blue Dynasty is an organized racist street gang for black African-Americans. They hang out mostly in Jefferson, Los Santos which is known to be their new territory. The leader of the Blue Dynasty is a man named Marcus "Decoy" Deuce, He started the gang off a long time ago when it was still unofficial. It started growing bigger and bigger and soon became Official. Blue Dynasty is known for the most murders in Red County Roleplay. They are a very psychopatic gang and they don't take shit from anybody. They tend to get along quite well with the Mexicans and some white people. Most white people are hated by the Blue Dynasty. Blue Dynasty wear the color blue, they usually drive blue cars and they are always armed no matter what.


How do I join?

The only way you can join the Blue Dynasty is by proving them that you're good at Roleplay and you know how a gang works. Another thing what's important is being active, If you're not active, you automatically get kicked from the gang but you have a chance to join back up with them. You can find Blue Dynasty members hanging out at the hood in Jefferson, that is the place they hang out. They usually walk around the hood, chilling or looking for trouble or action. Go over and talk to them, Prove that you don't give a shit and you're willing to give up your life for the gang.


What should i do when i have joined and become an Official member of the faction?

The most important things you must do is always wear blue colors, hang out in Jefferson(Try walk more instead of driving), Hang out with your homies.. Check on /members if any of the members are online, Read the rules and follow them, Breaking the rules can cause demotion or an FPk out of the gang. Respect your members and try get along no matter what. Always wear armor and have a gun on you. Never pull out guns out of no where. RP taking them out e.g. /me lifts up his shirt pulling out a Desert Eagle from his waistline. Never start anything with other gangs unless you are told/asked to do so.


How much will i get payed for being a member of the faction?

Starting pay is $5,000, When you first join.
The normal weekly pay is $10,000. That all depends on how much Roleplay and how much you have been active for. It can easily go down if you're not active on the server, not hanging out with the members/leader and not roleplaying. If you haven't been on for a week you're obviously not gonna get your pay. If you're not online for a whole day then some money will be removed from your weekly paycheck.


What kind of job should i have in the faction? (Drug Dealer, Arms Dealer, Mechanic?)

It doesen't really matter what job you have, Depends on what suits you best.
Even though it can be necessary to have a certain job at times. We always need a Mechanic when we are driving around because our car can get messed up.. We need someone to be able to fix it for us. Drug Dealers is just a job you can do when we're hanging out and you can ask people if they wanna buy some. Its a good way of making money when there is alot of players online and when they are really in the need of it for Health/Armor boosts. Arms Dealer is only a good job if you have alot of materials, if you haven't got materials theres really no point in being an Arms Dealer. I usually try supply everyone with weapons if really needed. But if we always stick together, nobody can take us out so we can keep all our weapons.


What sort of vehicles should i drive when i'm in the faction?

We have alot of cars at the Jefferson which can be used by all the members as long as they bring the cars back. If i see all the cars missing and nobody is even riding on them, i wont be very happy. If you dont want to drvie the faction cars or if there's none left, Just drive your own personal vehicle, try keep it blue so people would know it's a Blue Dynasty member rolling in the car.

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