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Jun 24, 2017
Charles Bishop.
Charles bishop is a 56 year old Texan, who spent most of his life in Shiner, Texas. Charles was the only child of Mary Bishop and Brock Bishop. Charles came from a low class family, as his parents worked in the ''Spoetzl Brewery'', so they didn't have to much money to spend on ''entertainment'' or any miscellaneous items.
Charles never attended public school as his parents made him work at young age. Charles used to work/help around Shiner, doing different jobs around the local businesses. Charles parent's owned a 3-room house in the outskirts of Shiner, which had a small backyard. In the free-time, when Charles was around 15-18 years old, he hanged out with his friends, playing different games, exploring Shiner and just generally hanging around the small town. Other than working and hanging out with his friends, Charles used to read a lot of literature and history books, which gave him knowledge about history and grammar.
When Charles was 26, something in him sparked up interest in motorcycles, so he started saving up money to buy one for himself, and see, how it is to ride around on one. Charles was a simple man, so he didn't have to many ways of earning money. When Charles hit the age of 29, he finally had enough money to buy himself a used 1929 Indian Scout. And oh god... he loved it, he loved every moment of riding a motorcycle. His parents weren't to happy about him 'spending money on shit', and not buying something 'useful', but he didn't care, it was his money, his sweat and blood which earned him the Indian.
When Charles hit the age of 37, his mother passed away from over-working, so he was left alone with his dad in Shiner. His dad started having issues with paying the bills and maintaining the house, so they decided to sell it for more money. After Charles dad sold the house, he abandoned Charles alone in Shiner, and moved on with drinking, hookers and drug abuse. Charles was left alone, alone with his books, motorcycle and some money he had saved up. Charles started living from house to house, earning somewhat little money, trying to balance the costs of everything. At the age of 44 Charles said fuck it, he left Shiner, he packed up, took all of his money he had, and went on the road. He was hopping trough states, working there, earning money and living in motels. Louisiana, Misisipi, Alabama, Georgia and then.... by the age of 56, he came to San Andreas, Red County...

What will happen now...? It's a new chapter in his life.

Charles when he was 29.
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His Indian Scout 1929.

OOC Note: This thread is a character development thread, it will show you Charles development in Red County, if you have any concerns, shoot me a PM.
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