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[BigD] Codac3 Unban

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Aug 15, 2012
Karmøy, Norway
Master Account: Codac3
IG Name: 7/8
IG Level: Michael Sinclair
Admin who banned you: BigD
Reason for ban: Abuse of development server due to leak
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No
Admit to offense? (yes/no): Yes
Other comments: Alright. Even though I EXTREMELY doubt this will even be close to successful, I'm trying anyway. Yes, I know what I did was, as people have said: Extremely dumb and utter disrespect to the admin team (maybe not those exact words), I still feel bad and I know it was a retarded mistake. Yea... The only reason I did it was because, many people don't know this, me and Chris were sorta... Close to say the least at the time, and I didn't care. So.. It wasn't really peer pressure (or whatever its called), but I sorta just didn't care that much because Chris didn't. Which now I regret because we rarely even talk to each other. All because I had to ask a question when I was messing around with him. I joked around pretending I had the dev server IP that I saw on TeamViewer from a couple months before, which I didn't. And he resent me the IP + password for dev and told me to get on and do as much damage as possible... But, I really only did it because Chris and me were quite close, and we had been arguing at the time after he banned me for OOC fuckery, and I honestly didn't want him hating me... Even though we stopped arguing, we rarely speak anymore after slowely losing connection with him. So, not I don't really do much, I pretty much just float from server to server which always ends up down, I'm with one now thats on the verge of losing its entire playerbase. And I like roleplay but don't even know of any server to play on. Even though I doubt this'll be successful, theres been a couple people which seem to at least not hate me and would be ok if I came back, so I just had to try.

(I am posting this on my friends behalf because he is also forum banned,)


Retired Admin
Jan 2, 2012

The unban appeal was unsuccessful.
Your IP has remained banned from the server and further actions may be taken if you are caught ban evading.
A Server Admin now has every right to delete your account and they may sell your assets(house, businesses, vehicles etc.)

Reason/Details: I would've considered this if you didn't ban evade countlessly and show no care for my ban. I'll reconsider at Christmas 2014.
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