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Benz Pen Muay


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Jun 7, 2020
Bangkok, Thailand.
Baker Benz Thonglhor was born in 1995 on Bangkok, Thailand. Benz lived in BKK for 1 year because his mom has been picked into work as a nurse in pennsylvania. Benz was relocated to "Thai Town", San Fierro he's glad to be there because he had a lot of friends in the school. Benz. he had started to spended his time for a little gambled with his fellas then he also liked it. Benz's father had a big problems with a gambling and the debts that made by him and his mistress, not my mom. Now I've completely 25 Y/O. I've done with the education (at grade 10), Immediate, I've been try to contact the loan shark he's the guy who always keep stalking my father It's a necessity for me but I come to failure at last (2020). Benz always be along with his brother whos calls "Chen". Both of us had sinces by the sames lineament and our surname is "Thonglhor". In the immaturity we're had learned Muay Thai from our cousins and his coach. the coach was a uncle of our cousins. The coach's name is Sudsakorn Haujaisamuth (Meaning A Heart Of Ocean). He had trained both of us all about Muay Thai at the Darbwhard's Gym. Benz and Chen is going on with Taxi Driver job. Lives in Oakrigde. | wrote by Benz.