[Beginning] The Noob's Handbook!

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Mar 14, 2010
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  1. Side Jobs
  2. Areas of Red & Bone County
  3. Licenses.
  4. Short Role Play guide.
  5. Factions & joining them.
  6. Chats & commands.
  7. FAQ.

Side Jobs

Side Jobs are almost like mini-missions, most will include certain tasks to follow and checkpoints that must be gone through-reached in order to finish the job. However this is a heavy role play server and although these jobs are an easy way to make money, it's essential that you role play accordingly whilst doing these side jobs. There's also a spam-timer on each job to stop them from being abused. The pay out of each side-job varies slightly.

  • Sweeping
  • Trash Collector
  • Bus Driver
  • Sprunk Delivery driver
  • Trucking
  • Coal mining


Vehicle: Sweeper.
Location: Palomino Creek (Sweep. Co - Next to the Gas Station).
Pay: Increases depending on your Sweeper Level & gives a small extra (extra is randomised).
Task: "Keep the Streets of Palomino Creek Clean", follow the checkpoints (red blips on map) in a small route around Palomino Creek.

Trash Collector

Vehicle: Trashmaster
Location: Bone County (Waste Warehouse - Near the Quarry).
Pay: Randomised (May be wrong - Correct me if I am)
Task: Follow a planned out route around Bone County (red blips on map) stopping at each checkpoint to empty the trash bins.

Bus Driver

Vehicle: Coach/Bus
Location: Blueberry (Behind/Beside the Trucking yard).
Pay: 10$ per stop & 500$ for completing the route.
Task: Drive your bus to each bus stop (red blips/checkpoints) and wait for a few seconds (other players may get on the bus via "g").

Sprunk Delivery Driver

Vehicle: Green Boxville
Location: Montgomery (Sprunk Factory)
Pay: Pay increases depending on your level & and an extra randomised pay included
Task: Drive the Sprunk truck to each checkpoint (stores/businesses) marked on the map.


Vehicle: Tanker, Linerunner, Roadtrain.
Location: Blueberry Trucking Yard (Across from Blueberry Acres)
Pay: Short: 500, Medium: 1500, Long: 2000. Then, + your truck level x 75.
Task: Drive to the load pickup and collect the load. Deliver the load to the marked destination.

Coal Mining

Vehicle: Dumper
Location: Bone County (Hunter Quarry - Near the Waste Warehouse)
Pay: Your Coalminer Level x 500 + small random extra.
Task: Deliver coal throughout the Quarry using the Dumper. A random route of 2 is chosen at the start each time.

Areas of Red & Bone County

Red County
  • Dillimore.
  • Palomino Creek.
  • Blueberry.
  • Montgomery.

Bone County
  • Fort Carson
  • Las Brujas (Ghost Town)
  • Las Payasadas
  • Valle Ocultado
  • El Quebrados (Tierra Robada - Not classed as Bone County as Tierra Robada is Separated from it via the Sherman Dam)
  • Las Barrancas (Tierra Robada - Not Classed as Bone County as Tierra Robada is Separated from it via the Sherman Dam)
  • Aldea Malvada (Ghost Town) (Tierra Robada - Not Classed as Bone County as Tierra Robada is Separated from it via the Sherman Dam)

Red County

Businesses/Buildings of Interest
  • The Welcome Pump.
  • Dillimore Police Department (SAST's current HQ).
  • Big Mike's Auto Parts.
  • Electronics Store (Supa Store - Near the Welcome Pump)
  • Pay n' Spray.
  • SAFB Building.
  • Gasso Gas Station.
  • Solarin Industries.
  • General Store.
  • Itami's credit.
  • Ca$h Store.

Palomino Creek

Businesses/Buildings/Places of Interest
  • Palomino Bay
  • Sweep Co'
  • Gas Station.
  • Payday loans.
  • Little Lady
  • Mod shop (Closed)
  • General Store.
  • Bank.


Businesses/Buildings/Places of Interest
  • Blueberry Scrapyard.
  • Locals Only.
  • Liquor Store.
  • Ammu-nation.
  • Bar.
  • Xoomer Depot.
  • Avery Construction.
  • Blueberry Acres.
  • Bus Depot.
  • Trucking Yard.


Businesses/Buildings/Places of Interest
  • Big S Liquor and Deli
  • Bio Engineering (Aperture Warehouse)
  • Crippen Memorial Hospital
  • General Store
  • Montgomery PD (SAST)
  • Hardware
  • Inside Track
  • Last Drop Warehouse Services
  • Locals Only!
  • Marvin's Hardware
  • SAN Corp'
  • Electronics Store
  • Bank
  • Papercuts
  • Raimi Realty
  • Sprunk Factory
  • Tosser Gas station
  • The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

Bone County
Fort Carson

Businesses/Buildings/Places of Interest
  • Pay n' Spray
  • Fort Carson Lounge
  • Epsilon Warehouses & Offices
  • Fort Carson Hospital
  • King Ring
  • Bone County PD (SAST)
  • Bank
  • General Store
  • Electronics Store
  • Aperture Base

Las Brujas

Las Payasadas

Businesses/Places of Interest
  • Abandoned Airstrip
  • Pecker's seed & feed

Valle Ocultado

Businesses/places of Interest
  • Tee Pee Motel
  • Motel
  • "Gas" Establishment
  • Boat station

El Quebrados

Businesses/Places of Interest
  • El Quebrados Sheriff's office (SAST)
  • El Quebrados Medical Centre (SAMS)
  • Ammu-Nation
  • El Quebrados Barbers
  • El Quebrados Lounge
  • Pay 'n' Spray
  • Xoomer Gas station

Las Barrancas

Businesses/Places of Interest
  • Bank (unknown which)
  • Dam Camper RV Park
  • Tee Pee Motel
  • The Smokin' Beef Grill restaurant

Aldea Malvada (Ghost Town)


*All licenses are obtained at the Dillimore Sheriff's Office (SAST).

*Weapons licenses are applied for on the forum.
++ You already have a drivers license & Citizenship card to begin with

Short Role Playing Guide
The below guide will revolve around how to jack a car from someone (if the vehicle has a driver).

-Checklist (if the answer to any of these is no, don't try to jack the car)
Has the vehicle stopped?
(If on your own) Does the Vehicle have more than one person in it?
Do you have some sort of weapon?

If the car has stopped (remember this is how I would role play it):

/me wonders up to the drivers door
/me knocks on the window
"Hey buddy can I have a lift?
Him: Sure, hop in.
*get into the passenger seat*
/me pulls his pistol from his pocket (Only do this if you actually have a gun btw - You can be ajailed if you done that and didn't have one)
/me holds it against the drivers head
*Realistically he' get out*
*Once he gets out role play shuffling into the driver seat, so that ICly you never get out of the vehicle - Press f then press it again to get into driver seat*
/me puts his foot down speeding off

Factions & Joining them

All official factions have threads in the forums and will 9/10 times require that you fill out and application and have some in game stats requirements aswell.

If they require that you do some role playing with them etc, then don't try and ask them over the forums where they hang out. Find out in game and role play your acquittance with them don't walk up all like "/b yo I applied" they will know you applied but you still have to show that you can role play accordingly.

- Starting a faction:
You can start a faction on your own, but it would be classed as an unofficial faction. Below are some hints & tips to creating a faction:

  • Have at least two friends helping you (the backbone of the faction)
  • Select a suitable territory - If you're creating a gang/mafia be careful where you pick as your territory/turf.
  • Plan out the faction wisely and do some in game role playing to bring about the starting of the faction.
  • Have a suitable name to that faction and not something stupid that everyone will laugh at.
  • Try not go for gang colours that are already taken (if creating a gang)
  • Don't copy & paste gang stories etc into your faction thread, it's frowned upon

Chats and Commands
  • Pressing "T" - Brings up the text bar, typing into it with no / etc will mean you're speaking in IC Chat.
  • /s - Shout (In Character)
  • /w [id] - Whisper (In Character)
  • /b - Local OOC (Out of Character)
  • /o - Global OOC (Out of Character)
  • /dooc - Donator OOC (Global) (Out of Character) (Donators only)
  • /n - Newbie Chat (Help Chat) (Noobs & Helpers only)
  • /accent [accent name here] - Selected Accent for IC Chat.

Useful commands
  • /shake [id] - Will send a request to shake hands with the selected player, will time out in 15 seconds.
  • /eoff - Turns your vehicle's engine off (Helps to avoid wasting fuel, you'll also be asked to do this when police pull you over)
  • /fix - Will repair your vehicle - Role playing the fixing of the vehicle is required


Where can I buy a mobile phone?
There are various electronic shops throughout Red County Role Play, these can be found in Montgomery, Dillimore, Fort Carson

Where can I buy cars?
Car dealerships are now closed & Cars can be obtained via transactions with other players.

What level do I need to be to get a main job?
You need to be Level 2

What side jobs are there?
Refer to the top of the guide

Where are the unowned cars?
You can find them scattered in various areas of Red & Bone County

How do I be a sheriff?
Apply on the forums here is their section

If you have any other questions - Please reply with them to this thread!
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Credit to Alec for some of the side job information as well as pictures.


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