[Beginning] How to start off on RC-RP. [Tutorial]

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Aug 13, 2010
Hello there, My name is Timothy and today I'm going to be teaching you new players how to start off on RC-RP. For me, when I started off on RC-RP there was a lot of things I was amazed about. I hope you will have the same experience too!

Lets start off with the introduction to the server, your going to be welcomed with a server tutorial. Its best to read all of it instead of skipping over it, because it will come back to bite you. After you have completed the tutorial, its now down to business. You will be given the choice on where to have your newbie spawn, We all had then. In my opinion, Its best to have your spawn in Montgomery because it is the main place of RC-RP. There is a DMV there, so you don't have to hustle to get a ride or walk to the DMV. There is all the stores you need etc. First off, when you spawn its best to go to a General store, and buy a few things, Smokes , Medkit and all that other stuff. Then if it is best to go to the electronics store, and buy yourself a phone. If you haven't got enough cash on you, Kindly the server has placed a sum amount of money in your bank account, This can be withdrawed from a A.T.M or at a bank, Which are located in Montgomery, Fort Carson, Blueberry, Angel Pine and Las Paydas. Now its onto a new set of clothes, Its best to choose your unique skin for yourself. Not a one that wouldn't fit the description of your Character and how you want to Roleplay. So after you think you are set with the accessories, Its time for the driving test. Your going to need one unless you want to be a walking manic. The driving test can be found inside of the D.M.V on the exit to Montgomery. When doing the driving test, its best to relax and go with the speed. If you fail, remember its only 100 dollars your wasting. Now after you've finished your driving test, I suggest its time to get into the swing of Red Country Roleplay, That it is, Roleplaying. Time will fly by if you are Roleplaying, even chatting does sometimes too. Now during the lines of your first hours of gameplay on RC-RP your going to in-counter Paychecks, Paychecks is how you level up your character and get some cash. The Paycheck points are located in; Angel Pine, Fort Carson, And Palomino Creek. The Angel pine town hall is across from the supermarket ( Not hard to find. ), The Fort Carson town hall is located across from the Bank, and located on a corner. And the Palomino Creek townhall is located at the back of the church. This is just a short but brief tutorial on starting off on RC-RP, I hoped it helped and If I missed anything, Please correct me. Thanks.
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