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[Bauer] Ace Lee.

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Jun 10, 2014
Master Account: I do not remember.
IG Name: Ace Lee.
IG Level: I cannot remember.
Admin who banned you: Patrick Bauer

Reason for ban: Provoking and DMing.
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No.
Admit to offense? (yes/no): Yes.
Other comments: I had to make a new account, there was no one to post this for me. I've been banned for a year now. I really miss the server, and I apologize for my action's, and I am really sorry for every one who was there to experience it. Please give me a final chance, I promise you, that my actions that once controlled me, will not be the same. I promise to obey all rules, and to respect every one from players, to the administrative staff. Please look onto this ban appeal with some pity when making your final decision. Thank you for your time.
Not open for further replies.