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Ashley Wilson- Trying to keep up.


Aug 15, 2012
Karmøy, Norway
*Ashley Wilson could be seen driving down the highway in Red County in a straight piped modified 1991 E30 M3 Sport Evo 2 her gaze would be directed down the highway as if nothing was surrounding her other than the car she sat in.*

((These are all E-Mails she sends to her family to keep them updated as her family moved back to Munich Germany))

Dear family,
Recently got back to Red County following Steven's death. I have taken ownership of his Automotive garage and decided I want to run it. My love to and for car's has not changed sense I last was here. Come to find out the car I lost to Steven in a street race almost 10 years ago, he kept it. It was pretty rough when I found it behind the shop but I had some of the technicians clean her up. Cleaned up very nice. Just thought I would say hello. Look forward to seeing you this winter.

Almost forgot! Someone snapped a picture of the car on the highway today and sent it to the shop's email after seeing the RCAS sticker on the back... Show Luis the picture if possible. I remember him loving the car as a kid..

*Ashley would be seen sitting on a couch in the living room of 2 Outer Road, glaring at her Galaxy S3 for a moment, before sliding the E-Mail application open. She selects "Compose Message" and begins to type with her thumbs quickly*


Wow.. So much to talk about. Got the reply from Luis. Nice to know he is doing well. On other terms. About mom. All I can say is wow... I did not in any way see this coming... I guess having cancer and not knowing it really does do horrid things.. I will be there for the funeral in September.. Just give me a exact date and location and count me there.. On a better note, you may not be too stoked about this but I met a dashingly wonderful man by the name of Adam Campbell not too long ago. Sadly enough, the way I met him was far from perfect. But I sold my house and moved in with him.. He also has a younger daughter. At first she seemed to absolutely hate me but something happened today and she seems a little more friendly. Happy to know that not everyone hates me lol. Also,before you ask. No, I don't plan on having kids... So go away heheh. I love all of you and look forward too writing on less sad terms in the near future.