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May 1, 2019

Argent Innovations is the leading research & development corporation in the State of San Andreas with its main headquarters being located in Bone County. The company has multiple assets and facilities at its disposal such as laboratories, research centers, lecture halls, offices and warehouses. The biggest and busiest building is the Havendale Research Facility, also located in Bone County. It follows a conservative corporate governance and has several internal divisions and units.

The company is a leader in providing breakthroughs in various disciplines, while also being an active manufacturer of different technologies. From vehicles to software and chemical compounds, Argent Innovations is looking into anything and everything that may be of scientific interest. Some areas the company focuses on are: Aerospace Manufacturing and Research Operations, Advanced Aerodynamics, Experimental Propulsion Systems, Fundamental Physics Research, Chemical Research, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence Research, Robotics Research, Experimental Energy Production and Distribution Research and many others.

A large part of the company's income is comprised out of contracts that have been awarded by either the federal or state government, with the other being made up of smaller services provided to companies or individuals.

We care about the way we make progress happen. That is why our leadership promotes supportive and ethical behaviour and is always concerned with the health and safety of its employees as well as that of the general public.
We pride ourselves on working as a team to overcome complicated challenges and create the future. We value individual opinion and we make sure to encourage initiative and promote teamwork.

Argent Innovations, or as previously known, Argent Aerospace, was established as a small start-up company in Alaska, United States. It's initial goal was the maintenance of propeller driven aircraft that flew to remote areas of the state. Over the years, the company expanded and grew in size, eventually moving its headquarters to Bone County, San Andreas under the leadership of Bella Schofield, the Chief Executive Officer. The main focus remained on aircraft, until several developments allowed the company to grow and expand even further, encompassing all areas of technological importance. It then acquired the name of Argent Innovations, as it is known today, and became one of the largest R&D corporations in the State, with projects in almost every possible area.

We believe that team-work and co-operation are what make incredible feats of human ingenuity possible. This is why we are always open to communication with anyone who is willing to work with us for a safer, cleaner tomorrow.

At Argent, we are always looking for bright minds to join our teams. We have multiple positions open in various disciplines and are open to receiving application from undergraduates, graduates, PhD researchers and post-doctorals alike. If you are interested in science and technology and love working with cutting-edge equipment and facilities, then we will make sure to review your application.
You can review our career opportunities, requirements and application form by clicking here.



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