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Antonio Marquez

Bronze Member
Jan 12, 2010
Okay, I just want to say one thing.
I'm sick of those morons that post on peoples SAMS, RCFB, RCPD, SAN and gang applications.
Like, you apply for a medic, and the next day, you see a reply from a noob "cool app." or "rofl" or "nice" or something like that.
Who the hell are they to post on peoples applications if they're not an applicant, a member of the organization or an Admin.

We all know what they're doing, they just want to raise their post count.

FFS, I think the moderators/admins should make rules about this.

Like, if you post on a place where you're not allowed to post - Forum or IG ban for a week.
And if there is a rule about it, the admins should inform the people about it more.
I don't know what should this topic be, it's a half suggestion so...

Thank you for your time.